20 Cool Rugs for Your Home in 2019

20 Cool Rugs for Your Home in 2019

There are many reasons why many modern homes today buy area rugs for their home. Aside from its functional value of providing comfort and protection for the feet against the cold floor, it can be a very interesting and remarkable addition to your home’s overall aesthetic value. Any area, any room in your house can be magically transformed into one magnificent work of art as these pieces of home décors become the artistic elements to the canvas that is your room, creating a well-balanced space that is very pleasing to the eyes. Now, feast your eyes and prepare for the 20 cool rugs for your home in 2019.

20 Cool Rugs For Your Home

California Shag Collection Area Rug by Safavieh

With an amazing pile height of 2 inches, you’d definitely love lying down on the California Shag Collection rather than merely stepping on it. Its ultra-luxurious fabric can bring an intense sensation from your feet all the way to your brain as if being delivered on a magic carpet ride. It’s been power loomed, completely integrated with high durable polypropylene to give you superbly long-lasting, non-shedding rug for keeps. It may not have any fancy designs or patterns but its solid colors – all 18 of them – are guaranteed to bring contrast to your living room or any other room in your house. These modern rugs are fantastic for providing a great relief for the eyes especially if you have a lot of decorations in your room. Its styling is reminiscent of the casual elegance of many Californians especially those in the famed districts of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and other posh cities in the golden state. Designing the interior of your home simply just got a lot easier and more flexible.

What We Like about It – Safavieh is well-known for high quality rugs and carpets. When it comes to style and quality, they remain at the pinnacle. And as for the California Shag Collection, we’re not going to argue with the rave reviews of more than 3,300 customers.

Milan Shag Collection Area Rug by Safavieh

Inspired by the essence of one of the Big Four in fashion and style, the Milan Shag Collection is especially designed by Safavieh to cater to the discriminating tastes of the world’s best interior decorators, home designers, and even ordinary homeowners with an impeccable taste for only the finest things in life. With 2 inches of pile height bringing a much vaunted flair and styling of Europe, particularly those from the artisans and designers of Milan, you can bet the Milan Shag Collection is going to be a superb centerpiece for your floor. These living room rugs are designed for easy cleaning as each strand has been meticulously crafted to give you a life span that will extend across generations. High density polypropylene yarn has been expertly power loomed into the Milan Shag Collection to add to its longevity. Place it in your living room or even in the kitchen or any other area in your home where there’s high traffic. Let your guests see and experience the lushness of floor art with their bare feet. With various colors, you can turn the different rooms in your home into fantastic masterpieces.

 What We Like about It – Like the California, the Milan Shag Collection continues Safavieh’s century-plus old of high quality and superbly stylish area floor coverings. With 800+ 5-stars, it definitely deserves to be on top.

Hudson Shag Collection Area Rug by Safavieh

The California and Milan Shag Collections of Safavieh are fantastic décors for any floor. However, its unicolor design may not really appeal to homeowners whose floor doesn’t provide any sharp contrast to the bold color. The Hudson assemblage provides the same luxurious look as the other Safavieh products. The only difference is that it has Moroccan trellis pattern giving you an additional visual interest. This should look very stunning if you have pieces of furniture of Mediterranean or Asian style like an Ottoman or even a Cleopatra bench. The thin lines of the Moroccan trellis will draw your eyes to other interesting features in the room. Place a stunning table with lampshade on a corner and let the Hudson lines draw interest. Like other modern rugs by Safavieh, its pile height gives it an elegant textured look. Polypropylene is also well integrated into the mat to give you unusually long life span regardless of how many people will be stepping on it at any given time. Adding to the durability of the Hudson, like the California and the Milan collections, is a super-tough backing made of latex and jute. The master craftsmen of Turkey can really weave amazing pieces that can literally turn any room into a work of art.

What We Like about It – It may not have the stars that the California or the Milan enjoy but the Hudson is definitely worth getting especially if you’re a fan of Turkish masterpieces.

Paris Shag Collection Area Rug by Safavieh

Paris is recognized as one of the fashion industry’s Big Four. Whenever one thinks of Parisian styling, elegance and luxury are already a given. You don’t ask for it. It is already inherent in the product that you buy. The Paris Shag Collection looks like an oversized fur scarf that many models, socialites, and celebrities wear to show off their status in life. Well, we don’t expect you to be wearing the Paris but you can let the floor in your home shout its need for luxury fashion.  The Paris offers the perfect blend of Parisian, er, European posh and sophistication with modern interior design sensibilities and luxurious lifestyle. The 1-inch pile height may be short but it’s obviously what gives the Paris its characteristic charm and class. The tone-enriched fibers give these modern rugs a stunning visual intrigue, creating vastly different hues and shades every time, and offering you an exquisite designer appearance, all qualities of Parisian fashion and style. Made of premium polyester fibers, the Paris exudes with silky smoothness and a sleek glossy sheen that is sure to draw attention in the very same way as Parisian and European couturiers infuse in their fashionable creations that grace many of the world’s famous catwalks.

What We Like about It – With more than a hundred years perfecting the craft of making rugs, there’s no denying that Safavieh’s Paris is one superbly beautiful product.

Shag Rug Stain Resistant Non-Shed Living Room Carpet by Super Area Rugs

The Super Area Rugs Shag Rug may not have the pile height of the California and the Milan from Safavieh but, it sure can provide an entirely different textural element to the floor of any room in your house. Made with the same power-loomed naturalized polypropylene fibers that give your feet the feeling of walking and stepping on clouds, these living room rugs make for excellent addition to any décor. The backing is made of super durable jute fibers giving it many years of use. It’s super tough to withstand medium traffic for many decades. The craftsmanship of these modern rugs helps ensure that they will never stain so even after many nights of partying, no sauces, liquids, wines, and inks as well as other pigments will ever leave their mark on the mat for so long as these will be easily cleaned. Its construction also helps ensure it will never shed so you will have no issues about it looking worn out after only a few weeks of use.

What We Like about It – The naturalized polypropylene fibers give it a truly luxurious feel. And with excellent design choices, at least you’re not going to look elsewhere.

Dixie Cozy Soft and Plush Pile Shag Area Rug by iCustom Rug

One of the concerns of many homeowners about certain modern rugs is the rather rough texture of the backing. Made of soft felt backing, the Dixie Cozy Soft and Plush Pile Shag Area Rug effectively addresses this. The felt backing will never scratch the surface of your floor so you are able to retain its smooth and glass-like finish. The plushness of the Dixie is also remarkable as the individual tufts of premium polyester have been carefully tufted by hand giving you a more personalized mat that you can place anywhere in your home. While the pile height is only 1.5 inches, it does provide a certain sense of luxurious comfort especially when walking barefoot. The craftsmanship also makes it super easy to clean as well as maintain on a regular daily basis.  The Dixie may only have 9 color variants to choose from but it should be enough to give you flexibility in coming up with a floor area masterpiece.

What We Like about It – It’s hand-tufted, giving you the feeling that it’s been crafted especially for you. The soft felt backing is also magnificent so there’s no worry about it scratching your floor.

Aurora Multi Swirl Lines Modern Geometric Abstract Brush Stroke Area Rug by Well Woven

With Well Woven’s Aurora Multi Swirl Lines Modern Geometric Abstract Brush Stroke Area Rug, you now can place a visually stunning masterpiece right under your feet. The 0.5 inch pile height allows the vibrant colors of the Aurora to pop out, adding life to an otherwise drab room. While it is made by machine, it does provide a very luxurious handmade feel that can rival even higher end products. The backing is made of 100 percent jute which is very ideal for wood covered floors although it can actually be placed on almost any other surface. The vibrant colors are also guaranteed never to fade so you’ll be left with a beautiful work of art even after how many decades of use and abuse. With 9 different abstract yet truly stunningly colorful designs, it’s going to be an absolute fun mixing it with your existing interior design theme.

What We Like about It – It’s highly durable. But, what is really amazing about the Aurora is the use of geometric shapes and vibrant colors to weave a fantastic artwork for your floor.

nu-LOOM Lindsy Rug by Rugs USA

The first time we saw the nuLOOMLindsy, we thought we were looking at a worn-out, used, and tattered mat that is better left in the junkyard than it is to be placed on somebody else’s floor. However, this is actually where the nuLOOMLindsy’s charm lies. Its rustic and ragged appearance is perfect for creating a contrast element to an otherwise super-organized home. The color pattern has been distressed to help give it its classic worn-appearance. But, nuLOOMLindsy floor rugs are anything but worn-out. With latex backing and 100 percent polypropylene fibers, it provides excellent comfort for the feet as well as any other part of your body that will come into contact with it.

What We Like about It – The nuLOOMLindsy is perfect for homes with rustic décors. It’s durable and easy to clean, too.

Moroccan Trellis Area Rug Carpet by Persian-Rugs

The North African nation of Morocco is best known for its rich culture and exquisite architecture, most notably its geometrically stunning trellis. That’s why many modern rugs today carry this classic design element across their weave. Moroccan Trellis Area Rug Carpet carries on this tradition with its superb interpretation of how the various symmetrical curves and corners of this North African design element can be optimized in the design of mats and carpets. It’s beautiful, elegant, and exquisite, giving you the perfect finish for any room in your home. The fabric material is intended to be highly resistant against any form of stains so it looks brand new all the time. Maintenance is also never an issue as its premium polypropylene has been structured for ease of cleaning. The patterns on the Moroccan are excellent for creating visual breaks to a solid floor.

What We Like about It – For families who love exotic carpets, the Moroccan is an excellent choice.

Area Rug Modern Carpet by Persian-Rugs

Modern homes and offices require very contemporary décors for their rooms. Only a modern carpet, one that can speak well of the various essences of modern-day living, is fit to be placed in these buildings. As such, you may need the Area Rug Modern Carpet provided by Persian-Rugs. These are designed in patterns of rectangles and squares in various sizes to come up with a latticework that is both elegant and stylish. Each block comes with a different design pattern, tone, and hue to give you excellent styling in your home. Like any other rug in our selection, the Modern Carpet comes with polypropylene materials of the highest possible quality to give you a tactile sensation that’s sure to send waves of pleasure up your brain. Because of the use of a single primary color but with different hues and gradations, it does provide a wonderful dance for the eyes.

What We Like about It – Built for the modern home or office, the Modern Carpet is a fabulous piece of décor that will please the all of the senses.

Adirondack Collection Oriental Vintage Area Rug by Safavieh

When you talk about the Adirondack, you’d be able to visualize magnificent mountain ranges, stunning peaks, and one of the largest collections of ski resorts in the country. Like the mighty Adirondack range, Safavieh’s Adirondack Collection Oriental Vintage floor rugs are mighty strong, might durable, and mighty beautiful. With a pile height of only a third of an inch, it gives you a feeling of a carpet more than a rug. However, every fiber of the polypropylene pile is built for endurance and durability, just like the mighty mountain ranges it is named for. Ornate details adorn the surface of the Adirondack, giving it a certain style that can only come from more than a century of craft perfection. The neutral clean lines of the Adirondack hint at a dash of geometric intrigue, just perfect for people who love simple elegance.

What We Like about It – It’s from Safavieh. You don’t question the quality of the products of a 100+ year old company.

Monaco Collection Modern Abstract Watercolor Area Rug by Safavieh

The Principality of Monaco may be small but it is considered as the playground of the world’s elite and richest folks. Integrating these characteristics into a modern carpet would seem next to impossible. For Safavieh, it’s just another rug that they have to design and craft. Styled as an abstract watercolor painting, the Monaco is full of remarkable geometric shapes painted in vibrant colors creating an excellent work of art that you and your guests will be admiring for many years to come. The colors and forms can be easily matched with any existing décor, making interior designing unusually easy. Its durability is made possible by Safavieh’s age-old tradition of crafting everything by hand. Although many of their processes are now fully automated, they still provide the same meticulous handiwork that they have been known for many generations.

What We Like about It – Everything from Safavieh can be depended on to be of the highest possible quality. The use of multicolors within multiple geometric patterns extends its versatility in improving one’s interior design.

Moroccan Lattice Vintage Modern Casual Area Rug by Well Woven

The traditional rugs of the Mediterranean and Asia are known for their intricate patterns and designs. That’s why they are often sought after. The Moroccan Lattice Vintage Modern Casual is a modernized take on these cool area rugs of the past. You can say that you’d be increasing the historical and cultural value of your room with any of these floor décors. It’s plush with a 0.5-inch pile height giving it a texture that’s remarkably soft and smooth. Made by the master artisans of Turkey, the Moroccan Lattice is both fade- and stain- resistant, enabling you to enjoy it and the look of your room for many years.

What We Like about It – The Moroccan Lattice exudes with classical beauty that can only come from one of the world’s leading makers of carpets and rugs.

Natural Fiber Collection BasketweaveSeagrass Area Rug by Safavieh

It may look very ordinary, but the Natural Fiber Collection of Safavieh is one unique rug that is perfect with wooden floors as well as decorative items made of wood. The thing that really makes it beautiful is that it uses natural seagrass that have been harvested in a sustainable way. This gives it a very unique texture and visual cues that you don’t get from polypropylene and polyester fabrics. It’s thus, a very important décor for green homes. The Natural Fiber Collection still has Safavieh’s renowned craftsmanship and dedication to quality, ensuring that every roll of this unique carpet will last for a lifetime.

What We Like about It – It’s unique. It’s durable. It’s natural and environmentally friendly. Best of all, it’s from Safavieh.

Feraghan New City Hil1030 Contemporary Modern Wavy Circles Area Rug by New City

Designed like a busy cloverleaf on an interstate highway, the Feraghan New City is a very modern carpet that boasts of a combination of heatset olefin-twisted yarn and wool, split 50-50, instead of the usual polypropylene. This gives it a very unusual visual and textural characteristic that are guaranteed to bring out the natural aesthetics of any room. The circular patterns and curved lines naturally draw the eye towards certain interesting objects within the room. Cleaning is not a problem as the Feraghan boasts of superb stain resistance. Made and imported from Turkey, it’s not surprising that the Feraghan commands the respect of more than 1,000 super happy customers.

What We Like about It – The stain resistance is something. But, it’s the combination of yarn and wool that’s surprisingly pleasant.

Royalty 8083-200 Traditional Area Rug by Home Dynamix

If you’re searching for traditional rugs, do what more than 1,400 customers have done: get the Home Dynamix Royalty. You’ll never go wrong with this carpet as it comes in classic traditional styling accentuated by bold and selectively muted yet equally vibrant colors. With different patterns and styles, the Royalty is clearly what you want to get if you don’t want to think about coordinating the design of your carpet to the overall theme of your room.

What We Like about It – The traditional styling has been effectively modernized but in a rather subtle way. This gives it a certain elegance that has been enjoyed by opulent families for many centuries.

Moroccan Trellis Modern Geometric Area Rug by Home Way

The Moroccan Trellis design is one of the most popular designs for carpets especially traditional rugs. Home Way’s Moroccan trellis is perfect for any room in a modern house as it has been designed with a more modern and trendy feel to it. Made with polypropylene, it’s easy to clean, fade- and stain- resistant, and very durable, too. The luxurious construction will make you feel as if it was actually handmade. Now, you get a high quality product for a ridiculously low price.

What We Like about It – It’s inexpensive yet the quality even surpasses some higher-priced brands.

Modern Geometric Comfy Casual Hand Carved Area Rug by Well Woven 

Add a unique visual style to your floor by getting the Modern Geometric Comfy Casual Hand Carved Area Rug. Polypropylene fibers have been air twisted to give it an exceptionally soft feel. The backing is made of jute so it won’t scratch your floor, just perfect for wooden flooring. Abstract circles and quadratic shapes adorn the face of this modern carpet making it ideal for contemporary rooms.

What We Like about It – The use of geometric patterns blends well with almost any existing motif.

Hand Woven Reversible Jute and Cotton Multi Chindi Braid Rug by Cotton Craft

Round floor rugs are less common than rectangular ones. This doesn’t mean they’re less effective in providing great aesthetic value to any room. The Hand Woven Reversible Jute and Cotton Multi Chindi Braid Rug is intricately woven by the hands of master artisans using only the finest recycled cotton available. Adding to the eco-friendliness of the modern rug are natural jute yarns. This is the perfect solution for people who are conscious about the environment.

What We Like about It – Using recycled cotton rags is unusually effective in bringing out an exceptional elegance.

OTH Ottohome Collection Contemporary Damask Design Runner Rug with Non-Skid Rubber backing by Ottomanson 

On hallways, you cannot place a traditional rectangular rug. What you need is a runner type of rug that will cover as much length of your room as possible. The OTH Ottohome Contemporary Damask Design is one cool-looking rug that will surely create positive vibes in your hallways as well as kitchens. It has a rubber backing that has been integrated with non-slip technology.

What We Like about It – This classic contemporary design matches well with any interior design motif. The non-slip backing is a wonder as well.

How We Chose the Really Cool and Amazing Rugs in Our List

Picking a rug to list as one of the coolest has been quite challenging simply because it is, we believe, a very personal experience requiring an understanding of personal preferences. Nevertheless, we know we have to be as objective as possible so we focused on three things: the overall construction of the product, the plushness of the fabric material, and its ease of maintenance.

It is essential that the construction of the area carpet is of the soundest possible quality. Carpets and rugs will take on the weight of people as well as certain pieces of furniture. As such, the construction must be very durable to give it superb longevity. Otherwise, the carpet you buy today will be shredded to bits in just a matter of weeks. We don’t want that to happen now, do we?

The plushness of the material was also considered. These are not your ordinary floor covering that can be laid out from end to end inside your home. These are very special coverings that are only placed on certain areas of the floor. In many cases, these are used as play mats, sitting mats, and even naptime mats. It was thus, important for us to look into the level of comfort that these products have to offer.

The rug’s ease of maintenance was also considered. We wanted to make sure that it will be easy to clean on a regular basis. We also included the “coolness” of the rug. Unfortunately, as we have already said, it’s a very subjective parameter. So we let customers do the talking. The feedback and reviews of current users of the product were evaluated to identify which among the hundreds of rugs and carpets in the market are considered to be the best and the coolest.

Picking the Right Area Rug

There are many ways in which you can pick the perfect area rug for your home. For the most part, you’d have to have a fair idea of the design philosophy of the room you want to place the area rug on. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right area rug for you.

  • Always start with an understanding of how the room is typically used including the amount of traffic that passes and the persons who will be looking at the rug. You may also want to consider the lighting of the room.
  • Understand that light-colored rugs will typically make your room appear large while deeper colors will add a certain cozy feel to your room.
  • Always choose an area rug that has the best combination of fiber and density. Always go for denser pile as this will help prolong the life of your rug. Also take note of closer stitches or tufting that adds to the durability and strength of the rug.
  • Never underestimate the value of padding as this can reduce the rate of wear and tear. It also allows for a more efficient cleaning as you can easily lift the rug. It also adds to noise reduction.

The Bottom Line

Area rugs give a certain character to any room. It’s one of the most practical ways to improve the design aesthetics of any home. With these 20 super cool rugs, you’re bound to create a visual masterpiece in any room.