15 Cool Kitchen Gadgets in 2019

15 Cool Kitchen Gadgets in 2019

The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of any modern home. Conversations are a lot more meaningful while concocting your signature dish. Laughter is best shared over a cup of coffee, a plate of warm toast with jelly, and a heaping teaspoon of jest. The point is you can actually do a lot of things in the kitchen. That’s why it’s also important to look for gadgets that can make life a lot easier in this part of your home. Our 15 cool kitchen gadgets in 2019 should take care of that.

15 Cool Kitchen Gadgets

The Original SpiraLife Vegetable Spiralizer by Lifestyle Dynamics

They say we eat with our eyes. We don’t know about you but a meal that really looks delicious should pave the way for your gastric juices to start flowing. And like what Andrew Zimmern always tells his audience, if it looks good, then eat it. So, why not fascinate your guests with your very own specially cut vegetables? Forget the usual round and flower cuts of veggies. Why not create something like a noodle of pizza or even like a very thin and long band of ribbon? Well, now you can. The Original SpiraLife Vegetable Spiralizer is the one kitchen gadget that you will need to make really wonderful spaghetti-like strands of zucchinis and other veggies. Create a more interesting carrot ribbon or even long strips of aubergine. The SpiraLife is a beautiful, portable vegetable spiralizer that fits comfortably in your hands. It comes with two heavily engineered blades, one designed for creating spaghetti strands and another for slicing wider ribbons. Lifestyle Dynamics also throws in away a hand slicer as well as a cleaning brush in the set, although we found it to be not really needed as the whole system itself has been designed to be clog- and jam- free. Just rinse it in water and put it in the dishwasher. The sturdy construction is matched by its revolutionary space age design.

What We Like about It – It’s a great tool for those fantastic looking dishes. We also love the guarantees that the company provides.

MBR-1101 Magic Bullet Blender by Magic Bullet

Blenders, choppers, and mixers are some of the most versatile kitchen appliances we can ever have in our homes. These devices help us chop veggies, create salsas, and even make our very own smoothies. Unfortunately, many of these appliances are way too bulky that we no longer have space in our kitchen countertop for other things. Additionally, many of these come with complicated controls that you have to find the right combination of settings to get the desired outcome. The time we spend fumbling with these settings significantly reduces the time we spend cooking and enjoying our food. A much better solution is to use the MBR-1101 Magic Bullet Blender. It should not come as a surprise that it’s called Magic Bullet because it is shaped like a bullet. We all associate bullets with speed and that’s just what the Magic Bullet does. It did away with complicated controls so all you’ll ever need is to put your ingredients into its container, pop it right into the Magic Bullet’s high torque power base, and press the cup to get the outcome you need. Want it roughly chopped? Then press it briefly. Want it really fine like a smoothie? Then you’ll have to press longer. It’s up to you how you want your ingredients to be blended and mixed. It’s all in the length of time you’ll be pressing on the canister. No buttons or settings to fumble with. What’s best is that the Magic Bullet doesn’t take too much of your countertop space as it is as wide as your regular cup. So, if you need a really quick salsa or smoothie, the Magic Bullet is the answer.

What We Like about It – It’s super sleek and very easy to use. No complicated setups. Plus, the design is really space-saving.

ARC-914SBD 8-Cup Digital Cool Touch Rice Cooker and Food Steamer by Aroma Housewares

One of the easiest to cook is rice. Just wash it, rinse it, add water, and you’re done. Unfortunately, not everyone can cook perfect rice all the time. It’s not really their fault because it all depends on the variety of rice that you cook. If you’re after the perfect steamed white or brown rice every time, then you simply must have the ARC-914SBD Digital Cool Touch Rice Cooker and Food Steamer. Here’s the thing, the ARC has an intelligent computer board that allows you to program the different controls depending on what you’re cooking. There’s even a delay timer for a maximum of 15 hours so you can effectively set it to start cooking at a given time. Want white rice? How about brown rice? Do you have salmon or red snapper you want to steam? Or even beef and veggie stew? Whatever you want to serve your family, the ARC has you covered. It comes with all the utensils and accessories you will ever need to cook up some beautiful and fragrant rice every time. Now, a word of caution. While the ARC says that it has an 8-cup capacity, this is the cooked version, not the uncooked variety. So, if you have a rice variety that cooks 1:2, then you know that you have at most 4 cups of uncooked rice to cook.

What We Like about It – The programmable features are exceptional. What’s amazing is that close to 8,000 customers find the ARC simply fabulous. Now, beat that!

Original BEAR PAWS Pulled Pork Shredder Claws by Bear Paw Products, Inc.

Everyone loves barbecued pulled pork especially one with its rich and savory juices oozing out of each strand of tender pork meat. It can be a great sandwich filling or enjoyed as is complete with slaw and mashed potatoes or any other classic side dishes. Of course, making your very own pulled pork can be quite tedious. You can shred the meat with your hands. However, the meat is often hot from the oven so you’d be hurting yourself. A better way is to use the Original BEAR PAWS Pulled Pork Shredder Claws. Just imagine you’re Wolverine or perhaps a grizzly tearing at a nice slab of barbecued pork to pieces. The Bear Paws is made of FDA-approved nylon that has been specially designed to withstand the heat of just-cooked meat. It can withstand up to temperatures of 475oF. The Bear Paws is not only great for shredding meats, of course. Because of the fork-like parts, you can use it to lift your Thanksgiving turkey right from the pan and onto your serving plate. You can also use it to toss your vegetable greens and other salads. It’s so versatile that more than 2,000 customers happily include it in their own kitchens.

What We Like about It – The Bear Paws has a very simple design. Yet, basing on the countless happy and satisfied customers, we’d say it’s one truly effective handheld meat shredder.

Amco Rub Away Bar by Amco

One of the tradeoffs of working in the kitchen is that some of the ingredients you will be preparing have a nasty reputation of leaving telltaleodors on your hands. Sometimes, no amount of washing with soap and water can really remove the smell of onions, garlic, or even fish from your hands. While wearing gloves should do the trick, it just isn’t practical since you’d also want to have a very firm grip on the ingredient you’re preparing. A better solution is to get the Amco Rub Away Bar. It’s a very simple stainless steel bar that is beautifully shaped like soap. Here’s the thing: if it’s stainless steel, isn’t it that we already have plenty of stainless steel utensils in our kitchen? We tried looking for answers but couldn’t really find something that makes the Amco Rub Away so effective in removing odors off our skin. Our thinking is that, if the Amco is purely stainless steel, then all stainless steel devices and gadgets have the capability to remove these unwanted odors, right? Suprisingly, close to a thousand consumers have left their positive comments about the product so who are we to argue? We’ve read that the Amco Rub Away bar has been used in almost every conceivable manner from deodorizing the toilet to absorbing the smell inside the fridge. Some have even used it to remove the odors on their intimate body parts. Again, if so many people are saying a lot of good things, then it must be that good.

What We Like about It – It’s a surprisingly effective way of removing kitchen odors from our hands. Its soap shape reminds us that it’s no ordinary stainless steel bar.

25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker by Hamilton Beach

Sandwiches remain a favorite tummy filler especially for those on the go. However, instead of queuing for your breakfast sandwich, why not just make it yourself? At any rate you get to choose the freshest and healthiest ingredients. If you’re on a mission to shave off some pounds off your belly or on the underside of your upper arms, then the Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker is the way to go. Unlike your typical sandwich maker, the Hamilton Beach comes with beautifully designed pans that are perfect for accommodating your type of bun. Each of the sandwich makers are composed of two layers of pans that are separated by a thin opening mechanism. Here’s the trick: preheat the Hamilton Beach, put the lower half of your chosen bun on the lower pan, add your favorite ingredients like tuna, cheese, ham, and veggies, close the lower pan with the middle ring lid, then add your other ingredients like eggs and cheese, and close the top lid. Now, sit back and just wait for the timer to end. Once you hear the tune, simply twist the middle ring all the way around the assembly, open the top cover, and enjoy your hearty sandwich. Making sandwiches has never been this easy. And now, you can make two at a time.

What We Like about It – The ingenious design of the Hamilton Beach is perfect for diet watchers as they get to create their own healthier, low calorie sandwiches. Everything is super-easy to clean, too.

Herb Saver Best Keeper for Freshest Produce by Prepara

Some prefer using dried herbs in their dishes because they only need little amounts to give a really aromatic flavor. However, nothing can still beat fresh herbs. Unfortunately, these easily wilt if not well hydrated. And even if you’re going to place them in a cool place like your ref, they will still not be as fresh as when you first picked them or bought them. There’s a simple answer to this dilemma: the Herb Saver Best Keeper for Freshest Produce. Imagine a large capsule with a clear window to give you an idea of what herbs are inside. There’s a tethered filler right at the back of the canister where you’ll be pouring water. The point is for you to place your fresh herbs on the pod and then fill the compartment with water. Put inside your ref and you’ve got the freshest herbs for up to 3 weeks, so long as you replace the water every 3 to 5 days. Since the Herb Saver has a built-in clear cover, you can bet that your herbs won’t be squished by other items in your ref. This helps prevent bruising of the leaves which can significantly hasten the degradation process. At the very least, you don’t have to buy your cilantro, parsley, mint, basil, rosemary, dill, thyme, chives, or even oregano as well as other herbs, every now and then. You can keep them fresh up to 3 times longer than normal.

What We Like about It – The way in which the Herb Saver is able to keep the freshness of herbs even after 3 weeks is amazing. Add to this its ability to hydrate these ingredients and you have one cool kitchen gadget.

The Original SNAP’N STRAIN by Kitchen Gizmo

What’s the most inconvenient part of cooking pasta aside from the fact that you have to cook it al dente? It’s the draining process, of course. You don’t want your pasta dish to be so watery than it is saucy, right? Now, instead of pouring your pasta on a dedicated sieve or pasta strainer, why not drain the pasta water straight from the pot itself? To do this, you’d need the Original SNAP’N STRAIN gizmo. You can look at it as a plastic strainer that you clip onto the lip of any pot, bowl, or pan. All you need now is to tip the bowl or pot and drain away. The SNAP’N STRAIN is made of high grade silicone that’s been duly approved by the FDA and has been tested to be resistant to heat. The best part of it is that it works on any type of dish or cooking utensil. Just clip it onto the lip and drain away. You don’t need a separate bowl, pot, or pan to contain the pasta. This reduces the number of utensils or cooking wares that you’ll be cleaning afterwards. At least, you’ll also be eliminating wastes.

What We Like about It – It’s versatile, portable, and very convenient. It makes the process of transferring pastas a breeze.

Deco Brothers Pan Organizer Rack by Deco Brothers

While some homeowners prefer organizing their pans hanging on the wall or inside their cabinets, for those who don’t actually have the luxury of wall space, maybe a small portion of the countertop will suffice to organize 5 pans. That’s the idea behind the design of the Deco Brothers Pan Organizer Rack. Made of superior quality stainless steel, the Deco Brothers can be oriented either horizontally or vertically, often depending on your space requirements. If you have ample space in your countertop, then a horizontal orientation, with the pans stacked side by side should suffice. However, if space is not a luxury, you can let the Deco Brothers stand to allow you to stack your pans one on top of the other. And with a very elegant contemporary design, this should be an excellent addition to any modern kitchen.

What We Like about It – The versatility of the Deco Brothers is exceptional. It organizes your pans based on your space requirements.

Vidalia Pro Vegetable Chopper by Müeller 

In the kitchen, mastery of the knife is a must. This is especially in the preparation of a variety of ingredients. From dicing to chopping to slicing to julienning to fileting and a whole lot more, the value of a dish is inherently tied to how well the ingredients have been prepared. Regrettably, not everyone likes chopping onions, garlic, and other spices as well as vegetables. An easier solution is to get a bulky food processor to do the chopping for you. Sadly, it’s not a space saver. So, a better answer is the Vidalia Pro Vegetable Chopper. Simply slip your vegetable into the slicing area, push the handle down, and watch your veggies be cut into uniform pieces as they fall into a sealed chamber. You no longer have to cry every time you need to chop onions as the spacious chamber can hold up to 4 cups of veggies. You can even process your cheese with the Vidalia Pro.

What We Like about It – It’s compact and super-lightweight. Best of all, it does chop your veggies, fruits, and cheeses like a pro.

Premium Herb Scissors Set by Chefast 

If you like cooking with fresh herbs, then you know that one of the most tedious task of preparing these types of ingredients is in chopping them into finer bits. While a chopping knife or a cleaver will often do the trick, there are instances when you miss certain segments of the herb that they are naturally longer than the others. What you get is not finely chopped herbs but rather uneven ones. The Chefast Premium Herb Scissors should help you chop your herbs in a more uniform manner. Using the Chefast is very easy as it is designed to be used like any other scissor. The only difference is that, instead of having just a pair of blades, the Chefast has 5 pairs of stainless steel blades. What this essentially means is that with each cut, you are effectively cutting 5 uniform segments of the herb. It even comes with 2 pieces of drawstring bags so you can place your newly-cut herbs inside these bags and use in your stock.

What We Like about It – The 5-blade design of the Chefast is amazing. The addition of a chopper, safety cover, and a cleaning comb makes the Chefast an ideal companion for any kitchen warrior, beginning or otherwise.

LifeJoy Onion Holder Vegetable Cutter Slicer by LifeJoy 

Onions are one of the toughest vegetables to work with; not really because of their hardness but because of the substances that they emit during preparation. Now, you don’t have to shed a tear every time you work with onions. Just pierce the LifeJoy Onion Holder vegetable Cutter Slicer into the onion, work your knife in between the teeth of the LifeJoy, and you’ve got evenly-sliced onion rings. At any rate, you don’t need to hold the onion anymore. And since the teeth of the LifeJoy are uniformly spaced, you can bet that you’ll also get uniform thickness with each slice. Tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, hard-boiled eggs, and even cucumbers or anything at all that needs slicing, the LifeJoy can give you a more “hands-off” approach. Worried about the odor of onion sticking in your hands? Just rub your hands against the attached odor remover and you’re done.

What We Like about It – It’s a very convenient way to get uniform slices of veggies especially onions, tomatoes, and others.

Savvy Infusion Water Bottle by Savvy Infusion 

Nothing beats natural. Instead of buying ready-to-drink juices, it’s a lot healthier to make your own. With the savvy Infusion Water Bottle, all you need are slices of your favorite fruits and/or veggies into the infusion chamber, some cool refreshing water, and you’ve got the healthiest drink you’ll ever have. The Savvy Infusion is perfect for diet watchers as well as fitness buffs who would like to stay hydrated using only vitamin-rich liquids that they mixed themselves.

What We Like about It – The design of the infusion chamber of the Savvy Infusion is exceptional. Now, you can enjoy nutritious and healthier drinks whenever you need to.

Tour de Pizza Dual Stainless Steel Bicycle Pizza Cutter by SoHo Kitchen 

Need a gift idea for your pizza-loving friend? How about the Tour de Pizza Dual Stainless Steel Bicycle Pizza Cutter? The two wheels of the Tour de Pizza serve as pizza slicers. However, instead of the usual handle that rolls the slicer, you’ll get a racing bike frame to hold onto. The bike itself comes with the signature racing handlebar, a seat, and a bike stand. Now, all you need is to zoom the wheels of the Tour de Pizza across your pie and you’ve got slices for everyone to enjoy.

What We Like about It – It has a very fun and ingenious design. What more is there to say?

Glide Signs Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty Sign by Glide Signs 

Modern kitchens have dishwashers. Unfortunately, we won’t really know if the dish we have popped in have already been washed or not yet? Of course, we can just open the drawer to find out. However, a better solution is to put the Glide Signs Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty Sign. Just like your “Doctor is In/Out” glide signs, this should help you determine at first look if the dishes need some cleaning or are already done. At least, there’s no need to open the dishwasher anymore just to see if the dishes are still dirty or are already clean. The Glide Signs works on all types of dishwashers as well as surfaces as you have the option to use either a magnet or an adhesive tape.

What We Like about It – It’s an entirely different way of informing you of the current status of your dishes without having to open the dishwasher. It’s a cool gift, to say the least.

How We Chose the Coolest Kitchen Gadgets in Our List

We understand that different kitchens can be designed or styled differently, yet the fundamental components that make up any modern kitchen are essentially the same. From kitchen utensils to cooking implements as well as other technologies, simple or otherwise, choosing a cool gadget to use in your kitchen is pretty straightforward. Well, that’s what we hoped for. But, after the initial stages in our search, we knew it would take us a considerable length of time to make a shortlist. So, we had to narrow the field first down to just a few tens upon which we can eventually deliberate and choose our final 15.

To achieve this, the kitchen gadget’s consumer rating was taken into consideration in our initial screening process. We thought that the product should have at least 4 stars in its consumer ratings. Any product that had fewer than 4 stars was automatically dropped from the list. Eventually, we ended up with several tens of cool kitchen gadgets. This is where the actual work began.

Since we are talking about gizmos that will make our lives easier as we go about our business in our kitchen, we looked at the overall utility of the products. These must provide a certain benefit that cannot be obtained from other types of tools or devices in the kitchen. Additionally, if it can substantially reduce the amount of time it would normally take to complete a particular task, then we included this, too.

Gadgets don’t need to be very complicated. It must be ready to use straight from the packaging. This extends well into its maintenance. We all know how tedious it can be to wash off food debris from blades and small parts of our kitchen appliances and devices. So, if this can be made very simple as popping them right in our dishwasher, we’re confident you’d love that, too.

Tips to Choosing the Right Gadget for Your Kitchen

As we move towards the 22nd century, more and more homes are integrating smart technologies in every aspect of their homes. Many of today’s modern homes already have an array of high tech kitchen gadgets and gizmos that make their kitchens truly cutting  edge. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need all of these gadgets for your kitchen. That’s why it is important to consider our tips to choosing the right kitchen gadget for your home.

  • Know your strengths. 

Before you start splurging on kitchen gadgets, it’s important to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if you have excellent knife skills, do you still need a chopper, dicer, or slicer? Perhaps. But isn’t the joy of cooking is partly found in the hands-on preparation of the ingredients? The point is for you to understand your limitations. Gadgets are supposed to help you execute a particular task a lot more efficiently. If you’re already doing great, what’s the gadget for?

  • Consider your workspace. 

Not all of us have the luxury of a restaurant-sized kitchen. As such, we need to consider gadgets that will not take too much of our precious space. We may have all the technologies we need. But, if these will take most of our workspace, then everything will be for naught.

  • Start with the basics. 

To pick out the best kitchen gadget for your home, it is essential to stick with the basics like those you’ll need for preparing and serving your food. You’ll never go wrong if you keep this in mind.

The Bottom Line

Gadgets are designed to make our lives easier. However, it should not take the joys of food preparation or cooking away from us. With our 15 cool kitchen gadgets, you’re now in full control of what’s going on in your kitchen.

15 Cool Shower Curtains in 2019

15 Cool Shower Curtains in 2019

Shower curtains are very important accessories for any bathroom. Just imagine the water damage that would occur to your bathroom tiles and other surfaces if excess water from the shower is not channeled towards the drain. Flooding can occur if shower water is not properly blocked and channeled. However, since shower curtains are mostly considered as decorative pieces, we’re sharing with you 15 cool shower curtains in 2019 to add both decorative and functional purpose to your bathroom.

15 Really Cool Shower Curtains

Thistle Fabric Shower Curtain by InterDesign

Floral themes are some of the most common designs of these bathroom accessories. These provide a very natural and lovely look on any restroom. Such is the case of the Thistle Fabric by InterDesign. With close to 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon, it currently holds the record of being a bestseller in this particular category. However, it should be noted that the InterDesign Thistle Fabric is mainly for decorative purposes only and should be used with a liner; although we found some reviewers who said that it can actually serve as a standalone bath screen. If you are not a heavy splasher, then a liner may not actually be needed at all. Available in 10 different color combinations, the Thistle is a great option for homeowners who have floral themes in the rest of their house or at least in their bathrooms. Cleaning and maintenance are also not a problem since the whole fabric can be tossed right into your washing machine. You need not worry about its metal grommets as these are designed to be highly resistant to rust. The top header is also adequately reinforced to provide optimum durability of the entire unit. Taking a splash is also comfortable as the fabric itself is soft to the touch. It surely won’t be irritating your skin should you come into contact with it.

What We Like about It – The soft fabric is a welcome feature while its ease of care is superb. And with that many people saying good things about the Thistle, we’re bound to agree.

Lucia Shower Curtain by Lush Décor

Looking at the Lush Décor Lucia, we’re reminded of wedding gowns and other sophisticated dresses primarily for the presence of the ribbons that give it a luxurious ruffled appearance. The Lucia is available in white, ivory, purple, and blue, all colors that speak of elegance and style while also commanding admiration from those who view them. Because of its rather intricate design and very elaborate ribbon work, the Lucia should never be popped into a washing machine. The only way you can clean it is by having it dry cleaned. Nevertheless, the Lucia should clearly elevate the aesthetics of your bathroom. However, it does tend to limit your interior design flexibility because of its ruffled appearance and single color design. The ribbons provide a certain texture that works best with plain-finished walls, not tiles. Otherwise, the lines made by the tiles will create chaos in the random and irregular lines created by the ribbons. It may be tricky, but using the Lucia is a very elegant and stylish option.

What We Like about It – The elegant look is amazing. The ribbons and its unicolor styling should prove invaluable for people who prefer simple yet elegant designs.

Chevron Shower Curtain by InterDesign

There are people who just love geometric shapes. From pieces of furniture to home decors and even wall art, geometric shapes provide a different kind of element to a house or any building to help draw the eye to where the owner wants to highlight. InterDesign’s Chevron, while not as popular as the Thistle variant, is a smartly designed, fun, and trendy screen for the bath intended primarily for homeowners who already have a variety of geometric shapes-inspired home interior design. Its sharp zigzag lines drawn horizontally can make for an interesting contrast to a plain wall or those adorned with circular patterns; although one line comes in a different color to serve as an accent and provide a break from the monotony of the zigzag patterns. Unfortunately, like the Thistle, this InterDesign creation is not really recommended as a standalone screen for your daily bath. While its polyester construction can offer a certain degree of protection against splashes, a liner is highly recommended. Perhaps it’s more of a marketing ploy so customers will be buying two products instead of just one. Who knows? Nevertheless, the soft feel of the Chevron makes it quite lovely to touch. It’s very easy to clean, too. Unlike the Lucia that needs some professional dry cleaning, the Chevron, like all InterDesign products, can be thrown into your washing machine and it will be clean in no time.

What We Like about It – It’s fun and trendy. The button holes have been reinforced as well giving it great sturdiness.

Sinatra Silver Shower Curtain by Popular Bath

Everyone knows Frank Sinatra, the golden boy of the Rat Pack. Everyone knows that he made Las Vegas his empire and whenever Las Vegas is brought to the fore, the image that we picture in our minds is one of glitter, fame, and glamor. Of course, there’s always a darker side to this oasis in the Nevada desert. But the whole point is that whenever you’re talking about glittering, shiny things, opulence, wealth, and fame are almost always likely to follow. Such is the impact of the Sinatra Silver Shower Curtain by Popular Bath. It’s one of the unique shower curtains that we have in the shortlist primarily because of the bands of glittering silver sequins that adorn the metallic silver fabric made of 100 percent premium quality polyester. The sequins make for an excellent ornament to an otherwise drab and dull bathroom. The choice of silver color for its polyester fabric foundation is exceptionally remarkable as the sheen from the individual sequins reflect the light from the room itself. It’s like having a sea of stars right inside your bath. Because of the presence of sequins, care should be observed when washing it. However, unlike the Lucia, you don’t need to have the Sinatra dry cleaned. It can still be machine washed except that it should be run on cold and cycled on gentle. You are also not supposed to toss it in your dryer as it is better to hang dry. Additionally, like InterDesign products, it is recommended that a separate liner be used in conjunction with the Sinatra. Now, you can bring the limelight of Las Vegas right in your bathroom.

What We Like about It – The Sinatra is like having the great performer in your home. With glitter and glam, your bath will surely be an elegant part of any house.

Ombre Waffle Weave Shower Curtain by Creative Home Ideas

If you’re a fan of gradients or shadow-like effects, the Ombre Waffle Weave should provide you with a wonderful opportunity to bring an entirely different vibe to your bathroom. With heavier tones at the base or bottom, gradually decreasing in hue as you go up the entire height of the Ombre Waffle Weave, this Creative Home Ideas creation might very well be one of the cute shower curtains you’ll see. Available in a variety of colors, 8 to be exact, you can color coordinate your bath screen with the principal color or theme of your bathroom. You can go complementary or even contrasting. Everything depends on your preferences. And because the Ombre Waffle Weave is technically plain fabric made of only the finest imported polyester, this should offer you impressive versatility in your restroom interior designing. The 12 ring holes have also been duly reinforced to help secure the whole system. Understand that the Ombre Waffle Weave, while chic and fashionable, will still require a PEVA or even vinyl liner to help prevent the splash of water onto your floor.

What We Like about It – The Ombre Waffle Weave has a very unique name for an otherwise simple yet effective design.

Fabric Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner by InterDesign

The best shower curtains should really have a waterproof membrane or layer so that it will keep the water off your floor and the rest of the bathroom. Unfortunately, for aesthetic reasons, many companies prefer not to go this route of integrating a liner and a curtain into one cohesive unit. That’s why, in most instances, what you’ll most likely get is a set of both the curtain and the liner. Some would require you to purchase independently but almost always within the same line of brand. This should offer you an excellent opportunity to try out as many possible combinations you can that will bring out the best in your restroom or bath. In this list we’ve already covered a number of InterDesign products. And as you may have already noticed, most of them require getting a separate liner. The InterDesign Fabric Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner is the answer. This product is also made of 100 percent polyester but has been dutifully treated to render it as water repellant and mold and mildew free as possible. The fantastic news about the InterDesign Fabric Waterproof is that it has a certain degree of elegance to it that it can actually serve as a standalone bath screen. And, here’s the proof: more than 1,500 very happy, very satisfied customers actually give it no less than 4 stars on average. Available in 8 different colors, you can now have the option to use it as is or in combination with a standard bath screen.

What We Like about It – It’s really waterproof. Best part of it all is that the InterDesign Fabric Waterproof is free from mold and mildew development so you can feel safer for the health of everyone who’s ever going to go under the shower head.

Leaves Soft Fabric Shower Curtain by InterDesign

For nature lovers, having beautifully printed leaves on stems would provide a great and remarkable addition to the aesthetic beauty of your bathroom. The InterDesign Leaves Soft Fabric, just like the other InterDesign products, features a very soft fabric material that is really gentle to the touch. But get this. The InterDesign Leaves actually has a feature that others don’t have. The fabric has been designed to be quick-drying so it helps prevent the growth and proliferation of harmful microorganisms particularly mold and mildew. At any rate, this gives you the peace of mind that your health as well as that of every member of your family is adequately protected. Because of its rather softer quality material, there’s also a very specific requirement when it comes to its maintenance. You cannot simply toss it in your washing machine expecting it to come out clean. Well, technically, you can. However, it should always be washed cold and then tumble dried in the lowest possible setting. This helps protect its integrity so you’ll be using it for many more years.

What We Like about It – The design of the Leaves may be overly simplistic but it’s the unusual softness of the fabric material that has drawn rave reviews from almost 1,400 customers. It is almost similar in status to the InterDesign Thistle except that this one’s softer and has quick drying properties. This actually indicates that it can be used as a standalone shower curtain.

Shower Curtain Collection by Ambesonne

Need bathroom shower curtains that are more like oversized wall art than they are screens to protect splashes from flooding your restroom or bath? Well, the Ambesonne Shower Curtain Collection is a superb assemblage of 38 different colorful, unique, classy, artsy, and truly marvelous works of art that have been boldly and graphically printed onto a premium grade polyester fabric material without the use of any dye. There are no borders or any other embellishments. It’s more like having a wonderful picture or image blown into one huge size and then used as a screen in your bath. This is one of the best shower curtains you’ll ever get especially if you’re the kind of person who likes visual art, paintings, pictures, images, and other forms of visual masterpieces. One additional advantage of the Ambesonne is that it can serve as a standalone shutter from water. You don’t even need a separate liner for this as the Ambesonne has been designed to be 100 percent waterproof while also offering superb resistance against soap and chemical stains and the development or growth or mold and mildew. It is so amazing that the health and safety implications are simply remarkable. Cleaning is never a problem as well as the Ambesonne can be easily managed with a simple turn at the washing machine. But, here’s the catch. Because of its large bold prints, it may not be ideal for bathrooms that are already filled with a lot of stuff; unless you can coordinate the choice of the design to the existing theme in your bathroom.

What We Like about It – The prints are humongous. It’s like having a very beautiful mural in your shower.

Cobblestone Waterproof and No More Mildew Shower Curtain Liner by Eforcurtain

If you’re looking for a more subtle design than the one provided by Ambesonne, maybe you would like to consider the Eforcurtain Cobblestone Waterproof and No More Mildew Shower Curtain Liner.  The design is not as bold and loud as the ones provided by Ambesonne, basically consisting only of soft pebble prints in different shades and hues. What you get is an appearance of rough texture. Here’s where it gets more interesting. Depending on your choice of the background fabric whether it is clear, transparent, or frosted, you will get different effects although the design is pretty much the same. Like the Ambesonne, the Eforcurtain Cobblestone can also serve as either a standalone shower curtain or as a wonderful liner for other models as it has a very unique PVC construction, giving it excellent waterproofing. And since water simply glides off the surface of the Eforcurtain Cobblestone, it dries up quickly such that mold and mildew will not have time to clump and proliferate. The use of PVC as a material, while there may be concerns about its safety, makes cleaning a breeze. You don’t need to wash it or even dry clean it anymore. Just get a damp cloth and wipe its surface and you’re basically done. It’s a no-fuss way of keeping the Eforcurtain Cobblestone clean.

What We Like about It – It can be used either as a shower curtain or a liner for other brands or designs. It’s super easy to clean, too.

Cascade Shabby Chic Ruffled Sheer Shower Curtain by Home Bargains Plus

If you think the Lucia looks very luxurious because of its ribbon trimmings, wait until you see the Cascade shabby Chic Ruffled Sheer Shower Curtain. From afar, it’s more like the dress of a fairy princess. Technically, its design is a blast from the past as the shower curtain sets of the last century were designed with dutifully positioned ruffles on a choice fabric. The visual texture the Cascade creates should be stunning to look at especially if you have a bathroom that is designed to be more of the classic style rather than the minimalist modern styling. The Cascade is also available in white, sea, moss, spice, and ivory colors to match the prevailing theme of your bathroom. The Cascade is made from imported 100 percent polyester voile giving it softness and smoothness that is more like lace. This gives the Cascade a very exotic, very sensual look, which is typically what you would expect from a Victorian Era-inspired bath accessory.

What We Like about It – The ruffled appearance of the Cascade is simply amazing. It’s like bringing you back to a time where lavish interiors were defined by the wavy features of these fabric items.

Paisley Shower Curtain by Welwo

One of the most unique shower curtain sets we’ve seen is the Welwo Paisley which already comes with storage bag and shower curtain rings and hooks. Of course, Welwo did not include a rod with which to hang the whole piece. But if they did, we’re pretty sure it will be selling more than hotcakes. The Welwo Paisley has a beautifully intricate Batik artwork that is quite famous in Indonesia as well as other Southeast Asian countries. Come to think of it, certain cultures in Africa are also known to favor such art. Regardless of its origins, the intricate art patterns should be a great aesthetic addition to any bathroom. Not only is the Welwo Paisley aesthetically beautiful, it is also functionally wonderful. The fabric is designed to be fully waterproof and water repellent so it naturally drives away water splashes so these drips down the floor surface of the bathtub or shower room. Because water particles glide off the surface, the Paisley easily dries up preventing the formation of mold and mildew colonies. Welwo says that the Paisley also has antibacterial properties, although we are doubtful as to the credibility of this claim. Nevertheless, the metal grommets are fully protected from corrosion so you’ll get longer life for your Paisley.

What We Like about It – The Paisley can stand alone as a shower curtain or it can also be used as a liner for other models or brands. While we doubt its antibacterial properties, we have no doubt about its mold and mildew resistance.

New Upgrade 3D Vivid Waterfall Pattern Shower Curtain by Beddinginn

Since water is the main element in any bathroom, don’t you think your bathroom shower curtains should be watery, too? Well, at least in print, of course. This is why we think the New Upgrade 3D Vivid Waterfall Pattern Shower Curtain is a very unique way to provide you with the privacy you need while taking a shower while also adding a very refreshing, more natural feel to your restroom. With a stunning and super-realistic image of a mini waterfall cascading between rows upon rows of primal virgin forest trees, shaded from the glaring and scorching heat of the sun, you’ll have the most primeval beauty right in your bathroom. The print is done in 3D to give you stunning realism. The Beddinginn 3D Vivid Waterfall is not only stunning, it’s also waterproof and highly durable. The Dacron polyester material is known for its use in the sails of sailboats so you can be sure of its durability and excellent waterproofing. However, don’t make the mistake of popping it in your washing machine. It should always be handwashed.

What We Like about It – A stunning 3D design and superb durable construction are what makes the Beddinginn an exceptional product to have.

MP70-1483 Spa Waffle Shower Curtain by Madison Park

For homeowners who don’t require fancy accessories, the Madison Park MP70-1483 Spa Waffle is a great option. Made with high grade polyester, the Spa Waffle comes in taupe, grey, and aqua thick and thin bands on an off-white background. The horizontal bands can be an excellent complement to any bathroom that may have bricks or tiles for its walls. What’s fantastic about the Spa Waffle is its 3M water repellent treatment which guarantees longer lifespan for your shower curtain while also giving it a brand new look every time you go for a bath. It’s also machine washable so cleaning is not an issue.

What We Like about It – A simple design can sometimes work a lot better than elaborate ones. The Madison Park Spa Waffle clearly illustrates that.

Colorful Tree of Life Shower Curtain by Comroll

Designed like one fantastic mural, the ComrollColorful Tree of Life looks more like the crayon art of a grade schooler that has been enlarged to drape your bathroom’s shower area. Made of a wrinkle-free polyester material, the colors on the Comroll will never fade and will never affect the environment. It’s one of the most popular shower curtains among new releases. It’s also exceptionally smooth so taking a shower should be delightfully pleasant. The metal rings have been plated in nickel to give it excellent corrosion resistance while affording it durability that you won’t be able to see anywhere else. Perhaps what is really amazing about the Tree of Life is that it can really be a fantastic wall décor, except that the space behind it is actually your shower area.

What We Like about It – The mural-like artwork is exceptional. We think it’s excellent for homes with more fun motifs.

Anzu Shower Curtain by InterDesign 

There’s something about bamboo that make it a very significant design element in any home. Whether as a potted ornament or as a printed design or wall art, the sleek and slender lines of the trunk and its needlelike leaves are always very interesting to look at. The Anzu is InterDesign’s answer to the need for a bamboo décor in your bathroom. Just like the other InterDesign products in this list, the Anzu is machine washable but should always be used with a separate liner. The rust-proof metal grommets are already a standard with all InterDesign products.

What We Like about It – It may not have the numbers of rave reviews of the Thistle yet but the Anzu is surely on its way there.

How We Chose the Cool Shower Curtains in Our List

Choosing a cool shower curtain is not really easy. It’s like trying to pick a dress from a warehouse full of your favorite dresses. You may think you have chosen the right one and then you see something else. We knew we needed help. This is where product ratings come in. We’re pretty sure this is what you do as well especially if you cannot decide on a product to take simply because there’s a lot of really good ones to choose from. The “opinions” of others, how they look at the product, and their experiences with the product that you are also interested in, are things you would want to know. That’s the same thing with us. So, to be included in our list, a product had to have at least a 4 star product rating. The more positive the reviews are, the better.

The best shower curtains have to be easy to clean and maintain as these come in contact with water all the time which can potentially leave stains on the fabric material depending on the hardness of the water. The different components of these bathroom accessories were also considered and each one was evaluated for its design integrity, quality, and craftsmanship.

Tips to Choosing a Shower Curtain

It’s not really difficult to pick a shower curtain that’s right for your bathroom. Unfortunately, there are some folks who may be too frazzled by the sheer number of design and style options that, in the end, they eventually get something that is definitely not suitable for their shower. Here are a few tips on how to choose shower curtains for your home.

  • Understand the design or theme of your bathroom. 

Any endeavor starts with an understanding of the background of the issue at hand. The same is true in choosing a curtain for your shower. It is imperative to look at the overall design of your bathroom and determine the most outstanding feature or theme. Use this as your guide in the selection of an appropriate material for your shower curtain.

  • Know what different fabrics provide you.

Different fabric materials have different pros and cons. For instance, cotton is very easy to wash although it tends to absorb moisture very easily. Vinyl is essentially for the busy person who doesn’t have the time for curtain maintenance. The same is true with polyester and nylon. Other notable fabrics used in shower curtains include organic and microfiber materials.

  • Determine whether you need aesthetics or functionality.

Obviously, your choice of a shower curtain will reflect your primary preference, whether you’re after the form or the function. If aesthetics is more important, then choose a decorative curtain. If functionality is more important, then waterproofing and mildew resistance are a must. If you want both, then choose one that provides both qualities.

The Bottom Line

Shower curtains are important accessories to any modestly-sized bathroom as it helps prevent flooding and help channel water towards the drain. It can serve as a decorative piece as well. With the 15 cool shower curtains, you can do both.

15 Cool Lamps for Your Home in 2019

15 Cool Lamps for Your Home in 2019

The beauty of our homes is actually the result of a variety of factors. For the most part, the overall design can be enhanced by the correct choice of furniture as well as trimmings and fixtures. Unfortunately, if people just won’t see these simply because of the wrong choice of lighting, then even the most expensive and most luxurious piece of furniture will look like a piece of junk. That’s why you really have to look at our 15 cool lamps for your home in 2019. Whether it is for your living room, your bedroom, your kitchen, or any other part of your home, your property’s natural beauty will shine.

15 Seriously Cool Lamps For Your Home

Himalayan Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp by WBM LLC

There’s one really good reason why the Himalayan Glow is such a huge hit among homeowners and interior decorators as well as office executives alike, garnering a whopping 11,000 rave reviews in the process. These cool table lamps combine the health-giving properties of an ionizer with the cool lighting effects of lava glow. It’s like having a piece of bright orange lava rock right in your bedroom or even in your office. The large Himalayan rock salt, mined and hand carved from Pakistan, provides a healthier, breathable air as it is known to deodorize and cleanse the air around us by attracting moisture in the air which, unfortunately, is often filled with dust particles and other airborne substances that can wreak havoc in our lungs if not removed. That’s why a Himalayan salt lamp is one of the really healthier lamps we can ever buy today. It can also help reduce the symptoms of asthma and allergies, helps alleviate coughing, boosts our energy levels, provides for a more restful sleep, and neutralizes electromagnetic radiation which can cause chronic fatigue syndrome and decreased immune responses. Studies have also revealed that Himalayan salt lamps may help in improving overall mood, focus, and concentration. Some also claim it’s able to manage seasonal affective disorders while also reducing the amount or level of static electricity in the ambient air. The neem wood base also provides an eco-friendly aspect to the Himalayan Glow Lamp, giving it superb termite-resistance as well as unparalleled durability. Once lit, the Himalayan Glow emits an amber color that can really soothe and calm the senses. You’ll have the relaxing effects of being in a spa. All you need now is an aromatherapy diffuser and you’re all set to have a really relaxing atmosphere right in your room. You can also fine-tune the brightness levels of the Himalayan Glow with its built-in dimmer controls. With all these benefits, it’s hard to imagine passing up on this opportunity to get one for your own home or even your office.

What We Like about It – With the health-giving benefits of the Himalayan Glow Lamp together with is excellent sturdy design and styling and thousands of rave reviews, it’s impossible not to fall in love with it.

Table and Bedside Touch Sensor Lamp with Dimmable Warm Light and Color Changing RGB by AUKEY

Today’s contemporary lamps make full use of LED technology to provide a dazzling spectacle. The AUKEY Table and Bedside Touch Sensor Lamp is one such lamp. Each of these cool table lamps is built with 256 LED bulbs that changes in colors with each touch. Tapping on it to emit a brighter white light can provide you with enough illumination to read your favorite pocket book before going to bed. Touching it to produce a dimmer or cooler hue is perfect for setting the toned-down mood for going to sleep. Tapping the base also allows you to adjust the brightness levels of the LED lights from a bright daytime white light to soft and cool illumination. If you don’t like constantly touching the AUKEY’s light controls, you can simply set it on auto-cycle and it will give you the best light show ever. The power to control the AUKEY is literally in your hands.

What We Like about It – The elegant look of the AUKEY complements the functionality of its design. The range of colors of light it emits should give you fantastic options for any situation.

Dimmable LED Desk Lamp by LAMPAT

Office tables as well as work desks need to have the correct lighting so that your eyes will not get strained in the process especially when working at night. However, using the light in your room can somehow disturb the sleep of others. As such, you’ll need cool table lamps such as the LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp. You’ll be surprised at the warm reception of this particular lighting device as more than 3,000 very satisfied customers have provided testimonies to its effectiveness and usefulness. Perhaps what really sold the LAMPAT to these people is the fact that the LED light fixtures inside the slim design of the LAMPAT is guaranteed to last 25 years. However, this is only under normal use. If you’re going to use it 24/7, then it may be shorter than 25. The LAMPAT’s brightness can be adjusted in 5 levels and comes with 4 different modes of lighting. At any rate, you’ll be glad you’ve got plenty of options to make your work a lot easier.

What We Like about It – The minimalist design of the LAMPAT should make for a very elegant space-saving lighting fixture for your desk.

NOT Floor Uplight Lamp by Ikea

If you need unusual floor lamps, maybe you’d like to consider the NOT Floor Uplight Lamp from Ikea? Unlike the usual lamps that are oriented downwards from their recessed fixtures on the ceiling, the NOT is pointing upwards, beaming its light towards the ceiling and effectively diffusing the even distribution of light. Standing close to 6 feet tall at 69 inches, the NOT is an excellent addition to your ordinary living room lighting by also providing an aesthetic look because of its minimalist design. Cleaning the lamp is made easy using dust cloth.

What We Like about It – The NOT won’t take much of your floor space. And since it’s highly mobile, you can provide the kind of illumination that you require in any part of your home.

LT1025-BLK Modern Genuine Leather Table Lamp by Elegant Designs

If you’ve got a home that designed or styled with geometric shapes, you’ll find the boxy appearance of the Elegant Designs modern lamps particularly pleasing, especially its LT1025 Modern Genuine Leather Table Lamp. These cool table lamps have a boxy lamp shade made of high quality fabrics that is able to diffuse the light coming from the bulb in the center fixture. Supporting the fabric shade is a wooden base frame that has been elegantly covered in genuine leader. The combination of wood, leather, and fabric gives the Elegant Designs a really posh appearance that can add pizzazz and style to any room. Use these as bedroom lamps or as light fixtures in any of your rooms.

What We Like about It – It’s fashionable, looks sophisticated, and oozing with elegance. There clearly is no way you’re not going to draw admiration from your friends when they do visit your home.

LED Gooseneck Table and Desk Lamp with Touch Control by TaoTronics

Don’t strain your eyes whenever you have to work at night. Flickering lights can severely affect your eyesight as the constant changing intensity of light can damage the photosensitive receptor cells in the eyes. What you’ll need is a non-flickering light that will help rest your eyes while allowing you to work during the night. The TaoTronnics Gooseneck cool table lamps provide non-flickering and ghost-free illumination to help prevent eye fatigue. You can even control the level of brightness in 7 different settings. This gives you optimum control on how you would like to illuminate your work area. Since it has a gooseneck design, you can be sure that you can reposition the fixture any which way you like. The LED bulbs also help you save at least 75 percent from your existing energy consumption, making it the ideal work light during nighttimeendeavors.

What We Like about It – The ghost-free and flicker-free design of the TaoTronics is one of the reasons why these modern lamps are favored by close to 2,000 consumers. It’s simple yet very elegant and highly functional, too. Best of all, it’s gentle on the eyes.

Color Changing Aurora Projection LED Night Light Lamp with Speaker by SOAIY

The Aurora Borealis and Australis are two natural spectral light phenomenon that has fascinated the world since ancient times. While there have been legends, stories, and myths as to why these phenomenon occur, no one is questioning their implications. For many, it’s a very spectacular show that can be both mesmerizing and magical. Now, kids will have their very own Aurora right in the comfort of their own bedrooms with the Color Changing Aurora Projection LED Night Lamp. These colorful bedroom lamps provide a dazzling display of soft colors being projected into the bedroom ceiling, providing a calming and soothing effect which gives children the feeling of sleeping under the stars. The SOAIY creation also comes with an integrated speaker which you can use to connect to your music player or even mobile device to add your kid’s favorite lullabies, soothing songs, and relaxing melodies to help him or her fall asleep much faster. If you’re worried you’ll be incurring hefty energy bills afterwards, the SOAIY comes with an automatic shut-off feature, allowing it to turn itself off after an hour. What more can you ask for?

What We Like about It – The combination of lights and sounds make the SOAIY a great sleep companion for kids as well as for adults who may have difficulty falling asleep.

Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp with Salt Chunks, Bulb, and Dimmer Control by WBM LLC

If you loved the Himalayan Glow Lamp but would prefer having several chunks of Himalayan rock salt rather than one solid block, then the Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp is for you. Made with several pieces of Pakistan-mined and hand-carved Himalayan rock salt chunks, this WBM product is one of the best contemporary lamps you can ever find, especially if you are concerned about the air quality in your home. Himalayan rock salt is well-regarded for its hygroscopic properties which effectively draws moisture from the air. What we don’t know is that this air is often filled with particulate matter – allergens, dust, mites, spores, smoke, and other airborne substances – that we inhale through our lungs. These can lead to health problems such as the exacerbation of asthma symptoms and the lowering of the immune system functioning, among others. With the ionizing and air purifying effects of the Himalayan Salt Lamp, you can now lead a much healthier life. Actually, not only you, but everyone else in your household. The Himalayan Salt Lamp is contained in a round basket with a choice of bamboo, wood, or metal as its primary material. Whatever basket type you choose, once the 25-watt bulb is powered on, you can now enjoy the warm, calming glow of these wonderful natural rocks. You can also adjust the level of illumination to achieve the desired effect.

What We Like about It – It’s healthy. It’s stylish. And it’s energy efficient. With these qualities, the Himalayan Salt Lamp truly deserves a place in our list of cool lamps.

PacMan Ghost Light USB Powered Multi-colored Lamp by Paladone Products

Can you remember our favorite video game, PacMan? Can you recall the PacMan Ghost that drains the energy off PacMan itself? Well, now imagine a 10.5 inches tall PacMan Ghost made of high quality materials giving you 16 different colors of illumination. When you plug it into your computer using a micro USB cable, it will flash and change its colors in response to the rhythm of the music. Just look at the PacMan Ghost as a cool dancing, party light.

What We Like about It – It’s got a design that is as iconic as PacMan itself. The party mode is also superb. Now, you can have your own dance lights in your bedroom.

Elune TT-DL01 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with Dimmer, Auto-Timer, and Touch-Sensitive Controls by TaoTronics

With close to 5,000 very satisfied and super happy customers, there’s no doubt the TaoTronicsElune TT-DL01 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp is one of the best modern lamps we have. For one, each segment of the Elune can be rotated and adjusted to give you absolute control of the area of illumination. This is in addition to its 5-level dimmer settings. The Elune also has 4 different modes to allow for instant access to the correct illumination. There are modes for sleeping, studying, reading, and even relaxation, each with a different level of brightness and color temperature to provide you with the best effects. The base of the Elune also features a USB port which can double as a charging port for your USB enabled devices. It also has a 60-minute timer so it automatically shuts itself off. All of these features are marvelously integrated into a sleek and ultra-slim design that is never going to waste any of your precious desktop space.

What We Like about It – It’s got a minimalist design with an easy user interface. The addition of 4 lighting modes in an easy access panel is also commendable. Plus, we’re not going to argue with almost 5,000 customers raving about it.

Wright Real Wood Tall Floor Lamp by Adesso

Made of handsomely-crafted black walnut wood giving it an elegance you’ll never see elsewhere, the Wright Real Wood Tall Floor Lamp is ideal for families who are looking for a wonderful addition to their living room that can also double as a display furniture. The Wright is one of the modern floor lamps that never fails to elicit oohs and ahhs from people who see it. The lamp shade of the Wright is made of a combination of polyester and cotton allowing for softer illumination. If you’ve got a living room with wood accents, then this one’s for you.

What We Like about It – The open box design of the Wright allows for superb versatility in terms of its use. The wooden frame is an elegant masterpiece in itself.

Plug-in LED Night Light Lamp with Dusk to Dawn Sensor by SYCEES

If you’re looking for really cool lights for any room, be it your bathroom, your living room, your kitchen, or even your hallway, then the SYCEES Plug-in LED Night Light is the one to get. As long as you have an electrical outlet, you can simply plug this device in. There’s no need to worry about switching it on because it has a fully automated dusk to dawn sensor. Once dusk sets, it automatically illuminates giving you just the right levels of brightness. By dawn, it shuts itself off. It’s so compact that it won’t even block the other outlet on your wall. It’s the perfect solution for illuminating certain areas of your home without much of a thought and with superb energy efficiency.

What We Like about It – The SYCEES is one unique solution for modern homes. It’s as simple as plug and forget and you don’t even have to worry about electric bills later on.

1362 LED Solar Powered Motion Sensor Décor Lamp by Perfectday

If you need a really intelligent lighting system for certain areas of your home, then you need the Perfectday Solar Powered Motion Sensor Décor Lamp. These contemporary lamps are built with passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors that automatically activate the Perfectday if it detects movement within 10 to 26 feet. If there are no additional movements within 10 seconds after the initial detection, the system will turn off the light. This is perfect for illuminating the backyard as it can be charged using its photovoltaic sensors. Charging time usually takes around 7 hours. It is built with excellent heat-proofing and weather-resistance so you can be confident it will be able to withstand the harsh elements. The Perfectday can be set in three different modes such as strong and long light, dim light, and strong light modes.

What We Like about It – Built to intuitively turn itself on whenever it detects movement, the Perfectday is the perfect illuminating tool for modern homes that are tech-savvy and who demand energy efficiency.

TL-TREE 134-WH Three Light Tree Lamp by Boston Harbor

Looking for unusual floor lamps? The Boston Harbor TL-TREE is one unique floor lamp that features three completely movable spotlights. Pivot each of the spotlight up to 45 degrees to illuminate a certain part of your room. Rotate the spotlights up to 350 degrees in relation to one another to achieve a more dramatic effect in your lighting. You’ll only have to buy three bulbs for the set and you’re done.

What We Like about It – It only takes a very small amount of space in your room. The mobility of the spotlights can give you the kind of lighting effects you’re after.

Holmo 46-inch Floor Lamp by Ikea 

When it comes to contemporary lamps, we believe the Holmo can rightfully be called one of the best. Its design is just like the sky lanterns that the Chinese are known for. The 46-inch tall Holmo provides a soft glow to any room, thanks to the grainy surface of the rice paper that wraps its tubular lamp shade. The circular ribs provide a beautiful contrast to the soft glow from the inside. This makes for a wonderful artwork while also providing the aesthetics and gentle illumination to any room.

What We Like about It – The use of rice paper is exceptional as it provides a certain glow that is unlike any other. There’s also a certain elegance to the overall design of the Holmo that is perfect for homes that require such character in their rooms.

How We Chose the Cool Lamps in Our List

Picking the coolest and most amazing light fixtures to brighten up our homes and emphasize those areas that we are most proud of requires, first and foremost, an understanding of aesthetics as applied in lighting. While we deemed these lighting fixtures to be really cool, we know that you may not entirely agree with us. It is for this reason that we had to get the support of consumers who were kind enough to leave rave reviews about these products. At least, we’re not the only ones saying that our selection is indeed beautiful and cool.

Next, since we’re talking about lighting fixtures, it’s important that these will not significantly increase your power consumption. Energy efficiency should always be a quality of good modern lamps. Electrical safety was also considered. You don’t want your home to be illuminated beautifully only to risk residential fires. All of the electrical components of these contemporary lamps must be tested and have been certified to be safe by appropriate government regulatory agencies and third party international organizations.

Any built-in controls like dimmers and other features such as music players and wireless connectivity, if any, were carefully evaluated for their ease of operation, the quality of their function, and the overall impact on the lives of members of the household. Surely, these features are not here just for the sake of having something to be printed on the box itself.

Tips to Choosing the Correct Lighting for Your Home

We already shared with you how we chose the cool lamps in this list. But, we’re not actually saying you should do the same. Here are some tips to choosing the right lighting for your home.

  • Always plan your lighting needs, at least 8 weeks before installing them. This gives you plenty of time to study your options as well as control your budget. For instance, you can take this time to really master the art of how to choose the perfect lamp shade for your bedroom or even understand your energy expenditures and how your chosen lighting can impact this.
  • Consider consulting a home lighting specialist to get an idea of the right kinds of lighting that are appropriate for the existing design of your home. They can provide you with the kind of insight that will bring optimum form and function for the type of light fixture that you’ll choose.
  • Understand the characteristics of your ceiling as these are often neglected in the choice of lighting. You’ll have to consider the height, the materials, and the insulation of your ceiling. Additionally, you’ll also take into consideration the height of the surface which will directly receive the light from the ceiling.
  • Go functional. Different lamps and lights have different functions. It’s important to know what you want to illuminate so you’ll have a fair idea of what lighting you’ll need. For instance, if you want reading lights, then go for brighter ones. If you need relaxing lighting, then go for dimmer fixtures.
  • Check the energy efficiency ratings of lighting fixtures, unless, of course, electric bills are not an issue.

The Bottom Line

Our selection of cool contemporary lamps will surely liven up your home as well as safeguard your wellbeing and state of health. Buying any one of these will surely provide an atmosphere that is closer to your liking.

10 Super Cool Fish Tanks in 2019

10 Super Cool Fish Tanks in 2019

One of the most attractive décor we could ever put anywhere in our homes, be it in the living room, the kitchen, or the bedroom, or even in the office, is an aquarium or a fish tank. However, compared to other types of pets, aquarium fishes are quite challenging to care for as they require a highly controlled aquatic environment to thrive. Any change in the water’s properties is enough to wreak havoc in the whole aquarium ecosystem. Nonetheless, with these 10 super cool fish tanks we’re pretty certain owning and maintaining these beautiful aquariums will be a breeze.

Our 10 Amazing Fish Tanks

5-Gal ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit by MarineLand

5-Gal ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit

One of the really cool aquariums that we’ve seen which is perfect for beginners is the 5-gallon MarineLand Portrait Aquarium Kit. This one already comes complete with everything that you’ll ever need to start on your journey to home or office fishkeeping. It’s got a complete filtration system with a fully adjustable water pump to keep the water healthy and livable for your fishes. The MarineLand also comes with two LED light modes to simulate both daylight and nighttime under-the-sea conditions making it the perfect décor for your office or even in your kitchen and bedroom. The canopy is made of sliding glass giving you instant access especially during cleanup and water changes. Now all you will ever need are the fishes, marine plants, and other aquarium accessories and you’ve got a really beautiful starter set.

What We Like about It – The MarineLand’s unique 3-stage filtration system helps keep the water fresh and healthy for your fishes. The lighting setup is also phenomenal which can help add to the overall aesthetics of your room.

50-Gal Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set by SeaClear

50-Gal Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

If you prefer large fish tanks over the smaller ones, then the 50 gallon SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set is the one to get. The acrylic construction of the SeaClear gives it superb lightweight, chip-resistant, and impact-resistant properties enabling you a near-sea world-like environment right in your own home. The lightweight nature of acrylic also allows the SeaClear to be installed on any type of floor surface as its weight will be lighter than if the aquarium was made of pure glass. The SeaClear comes with a 2-foot long electric lighting fixture to give you superb viewing of your aquarium from any angles. It also comes with a reflector to provide the massive aquatic environment with lighting reflected off natural sources like the sun. You will have to provide your own decorations as well as aquatic life forms, however. The good thing is that the SeaClear is perfect for saltwater or even freshwater fishes.

What We Like about It – The size of the SeaClear is perfect for homes that require a massive aquatic decoration. However, because of its sheer size, it is not really for beginners as it requires a certain degree of maintenance.

5-Gal 29045 Aquarium Kit with Blue LED Light by GloFish 

5-Gal 29045 Aquarium Kit with Blue LED Light

Boasting of a seamless construction which eliminates any risk of leaks and breakage and allowing for superb viewing angles, the GloFish Aquarium Kit with Blue LED Light is one of the cool aquariums that you will ever have, especially if you are just beginning in the world of aquariuming. While the GloFish is only a tenth the size and capacity of the SeaClear, it more than makes up for it with its stylish and elegant look made even classier by its sleek lines. The GloFish already includes a patented BioBag to help you cycle the water in the initial stages of setting up the tank. The microfilter as well as other accessories are already included to make setting up a breeze. But what is really amazing about the GloFish is its blue LED lights that give it a spectacular feel of watching a scene straight out from the depths of the blue ocean. And since it’s made of acrylic, you can be sure it’s tough, durable, and highly impact-resistant.

What We Like about It – The lovely and sleek styling of the GloFish make it the ideal décor for many offices as well as small to medium sized living rooms. Or, you can set it up it in your kitchen to keep you company while preparing and enjoying a meal.

EcoQubeC Desktop Betta Fish Tank by EcoQube

If you don’t really like the idea of having to clean your aquarium every time the water gets down right dirty or murky, then you’d need the EcoQubeC Desktop Betta. These really cool aquariums are very easy to setup as it already comes complete with its very own proprietary integrated aquaponics filter and a remote controlled LED lighting system. What makes the Eco Qube C so special is that it doesn’t require any complicated changing or manipulation of its filtration system. You’ll be placing a live plant in its dedicated holder on top of the aquarium. When your betta fish eliminates, the waste products are converted into fertilizer by the integrated aquaponics filter. The live plant then cleans your water by using the newly-converted fertilizer. The Eco Qube C also has a very small footprint making it an excellent table or desktop décor whether in your office or right in your study desk at home. Or, you can even place it right on top of your dining table for an entirely different dining experience.

What We Like about It – Simple. Efficient. And, totally green. The low maintenance nature of the Eco Qube C makes it, by far, the best aquarium for greenhorns.

1.1-Gal Half Moon Betta Aquarium by Tetra

5.1.1-Gal Half Moon Betta Aquarium

If you’re looking for cheap fish tanks but with a name that is synonymous to quality products you can trust, then the Tetra 1.1 gallon Half Moon Betta is the one for you. At only a gallon in capacity, this should make for a very interesting desktop décor or even an office table ornament. It’s perfect for keeping a Betta fish complete with LED lights that can be easily repositioned to give you the best lighting effects. You can run the lights on 3 pieces of AA batteries or you can charge it using the USB cable from your smartphone or any other mobile device. The lid itself has an easy access port for feeing your Betta. The half-moon shape is great for small spaces but still allowing you superb view of your fish from any angle.

What We Like about It – Tetra’s been known for producing high quality aquarium products. And the Half Moon Betta is no exception.

20-Gal Tetra Kit by Tetra

20-Gal Tetra Kit

If you’re a fan of Tetra products but don’t like the small Half Moon Betta of the company, maybe its 20 gallon Tetra Kit large fish tanks would appeal to you. Complete with Tetra’s patented Color Fusion LED, this kit is guaranteed to be bursting with life as the lighting system actually changes in color every so often. Watch your anemones and other aquatic plant life sway to the current created by its water pump and filtration system. Your fishes will thrive in the correct water temperature made warm by the Tetra heater. The kit already comes with all you need to have a 20 gallon aquarium right in your own living room including a Whisper 20 type of filter, 2 pieces of Wonderland Plants, and a truly magnificent blooming white anemone. Now, go get your fishes and start a life with your own aquarium.

What We Like about It – The complete Tetra system is just what beginning fishkeepers will need to enjoy their new hobby.

56028 My Fun Fish Tank by As Seen on TV

56028 My Fun Fish Tank

If you’re interested in getting started with an aquarium but don’t actually know if you’ll love it or not, then maybe you need to start with cheap fish tanks that are super low maintenance until you get the hang of it. You wouldn’t actually think of the My Fun Fish Tank as an aquarium since the design is more like a boxy water pitcher sans the handle. The point is for you to put a live plant inside the fish tank, put some ornaments, fill it with water, cycle it, and then put your fish. There are no complicated filtration system nor water pumps. The aquatic plant serves as your filter which effectively moves dirty water out from the aquarium through its disposal tube which looks like the spout on your water pitcher. It does provide white LED lighting on top, though.

What We Like about It – This is the perfect gift for those who aren’t sure if an aquarium is for them. The low maintenance requirements are simply superb.

Water Garden Fish Tank by Back to the Roots

Water Garden Fish Tank

Cool aquariums now integrate the eco-friendliness of hydroponics and the technology of aquaculture in a new system called aquaponics. The Water Garden Fish Tank is one supern looking aquaponics system that effectively capitalizes on the symbiotic relationship between fishes and plants. Fishes excrete wastes into the water which are absorbed by the roots of the plants supplying them with the much-needed nutrients to grow. In turn, the waste-absorbing power of plants help keep the water clean making it healthier for the fish. Such symbiotic relationship is now fully displayed in the Water Garden also giving you superb low maintenance fish tanks and a super elegant look to your office or living room.

What We Like about It – The Water Garden is one truly beautiful piece of aquarium that is made even more astounding by the plants that you put on it.

Fluval View Oval Plastic Aquarium by Fluval

Fluval View Oval Plastic Aquarium

For a really superb view of your fishes and plant life in your aquarium, you’d better get the Fluval View. This comes in an oval shaped design to give you unobstructed view of your fish tank’s contents. It already has a fully integrated flow pump and filtration system as well as a two-mode LED lighting system for both daytime and nighttime viewing. The Fluval is perfect for any type of aquarium environments be it tropical, cold, or even temperate. It’s basically up to you how you would like your Fluval to look like in your office or in your home. What matters is that it’s so easy to set up and maintain.

What We Like about It – The oval shape of the Fluval gives a fantastic view of your fishes from different angles. The completeness of the kit is also a welcome bonus.

Biocube by Coralife 


One of the coolest fish tanks we’ve ever seen is the Biocube. Its elegant lines and well-polished look give it an aesthetic appeal that naturally blends with the design theme of your living room, bedroom, or even office. Its acrylic construction allowed for the shaping of the panel as a single unit eliminating joints that can be a source of weakness for the entire system, not to mention leaks. The full lid cover houses both the power unit and the LED lighting mechanism of the Biocube. Setting it up is also very easy as the filter, pump, and lighting are already well integrated into the tank’s compartment. All that is needed now are the accessories as well as the fish that will make your Biocube come to life.

What We Like about It – The elegance of the Biocube is unmatched. The ease of setting up as well as its operation and maintenance make it a great aquarium for beginners.

How We Chose the Top Aquariums in our List

The very first parameter that we considered was the ease of its set up as well as operation and maintenance. We knew that you need to build your confidence first in setting up and maintaining a fish tank before you can move to more complicated aquariums. These must be very easy to install or set up and even easier to maintain.

Second, the design must be super tough and durable. Especially for novices, they are still pretty much groping their way around the ins and outs of aquarium maintenance. It is thus, important that these fish tanks are made of only the most durable materials and that their construction is done in a way that it won’t cause leaks.

Third, and perhaps one of the most important for many beginning aquariumists, is the aesthetic design of the fish tank. These need to bring out the best qualities in any room by adding to its overall aesthetics. As such, lighting and even background decorations and the inclusion of aquarium accessories are a must.

Tips for Beginning Fishkeepers

Now that you have our 10 super amazing aquariums to start with your fishkeeping hobby, it’s about time you try to learn the intricate art of keeping the aquatic life forms in your aquarium fully viable and healthy. While there are no clear-cut rules nor blueprints to guarantee you success in your first venture as a fishkeeper, there are quite several invaluable tips you can observe to serve as guide to successful fishkeeping. It is very important to remember that fishes are unlike any other pets that we have. They cannot be touched, caressed, or even cuddled the way we do these with our pet dogs, cats, rabbits, and even hamsters. Fishes and other aquatic pets require an absolutely different kind of tender loving care; albeit, without the need for touch.

Here are some tips to help you find fulfilment in your new hobby of keeping an aquarium.

  • Strive to learn the basics of aquariums.

While you may have bought for yourself a beautiful fish tank starter kit, it should never stop there. You should do everything you can to learn more about the basics of aquariums so that you’ll be able to readily expand your horizons when the right time comes. You’ll have to learn the fundamentals of an aquarium set up including its filtration system, the air pump, heaters, lighting, and other materials. You’ll also need to learn about the correct sizing and the proper location of your aquarium. More importantly, it is crucial that you learn how to make the water livable, healthy, and breathable for your fishes. Of course, you’d have to learn what species of aquatic animals is perfect for the different kinds of aquarium setups.

  • Cycle your fish tank before you add your fish. 

One of the most common mistakes by newbie aquariumists or fishkeepers is not cycling their fish tanks long enough to produce the correct water conditions for the optimum health of fishes. The water where fishes thrive in their natural environments is a result of centuries of cycling involving the growth of numerous healthy and beneficial microorganisms that provide the necessary conditions for optimum water health. If you’re going to look at natural bodies of water, these are actually not clear. They have a mixture of dissolved particles that enable aquatic life forms to thrive.

If you buy a fish tank today and put your aquatic pets in the tank on the very same day, they will never last long. Why? The water doesn’t have all the correct ingredients including the correct conditions necessary to support aquatic life. That is why you need to cycle your fish tank first before you can start adding fish.

In cycling, you assemble your fish tank, put all of your accessories in, fill it with water, and then run all the different mechanisms. Technically, it’s like having a fully operating aquarium sans the fish. The reason for this is for you to monitor the progress of the water’s chemistry including its temperature. Over time, you will be harboring health microorganisms that serve to break down waste as well as to keep the water healthy and safe for your fish. While there are no clear-cut rules as to how long should cycling be, experts agree that it should be a minimum of a week. Some serious fishkeepers recommend 30 days.

While there are now starter kits that provide solutions to be added into the water to help hasten the speed of cycling, it is still imperative not to put your fish inside the tank on the very same day you bought the aquarium. Additionally, don’t ever cycle your tank with your aquatic pet already inside.

  • Learn the correct parameters of healthy and safe aquarium water. 

The life of your aquatic pet is very dependent on the quality of the water you have in your aquarium. It is important to keep the levels of ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates at the minimum as these can affect the health of your fish. Additionally, the pH of the water must be maintained in the correct levels at all times. While you may be tempted to just pour in over-the-counter products to help balance these substances, a much better approach is to change the water. However, you’re not supposed to remove all of it as doing so will require you to cycle it over again. You’ll lose all of the materials that are important for supporting aquatic life if you’re going to remove all of the water. As such, remove only a third and replace this with clean water. It is also imperative to remove any debris which can accumulate at the bottom of the fish tank.

  • Don’t overfeed your fish. 

Feeds that have not been consumed can affect the overall health of your fish tank water and undermine the wellness of your fish. It’s simple physiology. Give your fish more food and they defecate more. Their wastes are filled with ammonia and nitrates which can alter the delicate chemical balance of the water. Not feeding them can be detrimental to their growth as well.

  • Learn to use appropriate lighting. 

Never ever put your aquarium in an area where it receives direct sunlight as this can hasten the growth of algae. Technically, ambient light is sufficient for fishes to thrive. If you do have live plants in your aquarium, then lighting is a major consideration. These live plants can also help keep the growth and proliferation of algae in check.

The Bottom Line

Getting your own aquarium is a very fulfilling experience. However, there’s more to it than simply buying one of our 10 super cool fish tanks and setting it up. You’d have to learn to maintain it as well. Once you’ve mastered this intricate art of fishkeeping, you can try more advanced aquarium systems.

20 Cool Rugs for Your Home in 2019

20 Cool Rugs for Your Home in 2019

There are many reasons why many modern homes today buy area rugs for their home. Aside from its functional value of providing comfort and protection for the feet against the cold floor, it can be a very interesting and remarkable addition to your home’s overall aesthetic value. Any area, any room in your house can be magically transformed into one magnificent work of art as these pieces of home décors become the artistic elements to the canvas that is your room, creating a well-balanced space that is very pleasing to the eyes. Now, feast your eyes and prepare for the 20 cool rugs for your home in 2019.

20 Cool Rugs For Your Home

California Shag Collection Area Rug by Safavieh

With an amazing pile height of 2 inches, you’d definitely love lying down on the California Shag Collection rather than merely stepping on it. Its ultra-luxurious fabric can bring an intense sensation from your feet all the way to your brain as if being delivered on a magic carpet ride. It’s been power loomed, completely integrated with high durable polypropylene to give you superbly long-lasting, non-shedding rug for keeps. It may not have any fancy designs or patterns but its solid colors – all 18 of them – are guaranteed to bring contrast to your living room or any other room in your house. These modern rugs are fantastic for providing a great relief for the eyes especially if you have a lot of decorations in your room. Its styling is reminiscent of the casual elegance of many Californians especially those in the famed districts of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and other posh cities in the golden state. Designing the interior of your home simply just got a lot easier and more flexible.

What We Like about It – Safavieh is well-known for high quality rugs and carpets. When it comes to style and quality, they remain at the pinnacle. And as for the California Shag Collection, we’re not going to argue with the rave reviews of more than 3,300 customers.

Milan Shag Collection Area Rug by Safavieh

Inspired by the essence of one of the Big Four in fashion and style, the Milan Shag Collection is especially designed by Safavieh to cater to the discriminating tastes of the world’s best interior decorators, home designers, and even ordinary homeowners with an impeccable taste for only the finest things in life. With 2 inches of pile height bringing a much vaunted flair and styling of Europe, particularly those from the artisans and designers of Milan, you can bet the Milan Shag Collection is going to be a superb centerpiece for your floor. These living room rugs are designed for easy cleaning as each strand has been meticulously crafted to give you a life span that will extend across generations. High density polypropylene yarn has been expertly power loomed into the Milan Shag Collection to add to its longevity. Place it in your living room or even in the kitchen or any other area in your home where there’s high traffic. Let your guests see and experience the lushness of floor art with their bare feet. With various colors, you can turn the different rooms in your home into fantastic masterpieces.

 What We Like about It – Like the California, the Milan Shag Collection continues Safavieh’s century-plus old of high quality and superbly stylish area floor coverings. With 800+ 5-stars, it definitely deserves to be on top.

Hudson Shag Collection Area Rug by Safavieh

The California and Milan Shag Collections of Safavieh are fantastic décors for any floor. However, its unicolor design may not really appeal to homeowners whose floor doesn’t provide any sharp contrast to the bold color. The Hudson assemblage provides the same luxurious look as the other Safavieh products. The only difference is that it has Moroccan trellis pattern giving you an additional visual interest. This should look very stunning if you have pieces of furniture of Mediterranean or Asian style like an Ottoman or even a Cleopatra bench. The thin lines of the Moroccan trellis will draw your eyes to other interesting features in the room. Place a stunning table with lampshade on a corner and let the Hudson lines draw interest. Like other modern rugs by Safavieh, its pile height gives it an elegant textured look. Polypropylene is also well integrated into the mat to give you unusually long life span regardless of how many people will be stepping on it at any given time. Adding to the durability of the Hudson, like the California and the Milan collections, is a super-tough backing made of latex and jute. The master craftsmen of Turkey can really weave amazing pieces that can literally turn any room into a work of art.

What We Like about It – It may not have the stars that the California or the Milan enjoy but the Hudson is definitely worth getting especially if you’re a fan of Turkish masterpieces.

Paris Shag Collection Area Rug by Safavieh

Paris is recognized as one of the fashion industry’s Big Four. Whenever one thinks of Parisian styling, elegance and luxury are already a given. You don’t ask for it. It is already inherent in the product that you buy. The Paris Shag Collection looks like an oversized fur scarf that many models, socialites, and celebrities wear to show off their status in life. Well, we don’t expect you to be wearing the Paris but you can let the floor in your home shout its need for luxury fashion.  The Paris offers the perfect blend of Parisian, er, European posh and sophistication with modern interior design sensibilities and luxurious lifestyle. The 1-inch pile height may be short but it’s obviously what gives the Paris its characteristic charm and class. The tone-enriched fibers give these modern rugs a stunning visual intrigue, creating vastly different hues and shades every time, and offering you an exquisite designer appearance, all qualities of Parisian fashion and style. Made of premium polyester fibers, the Paris exudes with silky smoothness and a sleek glossy sheen that is sure to draw attention in the very same way as Parisian and European couturiers infuse in their fashionable creations that grace many of the world’s famous catwalks.

What We Like about It – With more than a hundred years perfecting the craft of making rugs, there’s no denying that Safavieh’s Paris is one superbly beautiful product.

Shag Rug Stain Resistant Non-Shed Living Room Carpet by Super Area Rugs

The Super Area Rugs Shag Rug may not have the pile height of the California and the Milan from Safavieh but, it sure can provide an entirely different textural element to the floor of any room in your house. Made with the same power-loomed naturalized polypropylene fibers that give your feet the feeling of walking and stepping on clouds, these living room rugs make for excellent addition to any décor. The backing is made of super durable jute fibers giving it many years of use. It’s super tough to withstand medium traffic for many decades. The craftsmanship of these modern rugs helps ensure that they will never stain so even after many nights of partying, no sauces, liquids, wines, and inks as well as other pigments will ever leave their mark on the mat for so long as these will be easily cleaned. Its construction also helps ensure it will never shed so you will have no issues about it looking worn out after only a few weeks of use.

What We Like about It – The naturalized polypropylene fibers give it a truly luxurious feel. And with excellent design choices, at least you’re not going to look elsewhere.

Dixie Cozy Soft and Plush Pile Shag Area Rug by iCustom Rug

One of the concerns of many homeowners about certain modern rugs is the rather rough texture of the backing. Made of soft felt backing, the Dixie Cozy Soft and Plush Pile Shag Area Rug effectively addresses this. The felt backing will never scratch the surface of your floor so you are able to retain its smooth and glass-like finish. The plushness of the Dixie is also remarkable as the individual tufts of premium polyester have been carefully tufted by hand giving you a more personalized mat that you can place anywhere in your home. While the pile height is only 1.5 inches, it does provide a certain sense of luxurious comfort especially when walking barefoot. The craftsmanship also makes it super easy to clean as well as maintain on a regular daily basis.  The Dixie may only have 9 color variants to choose from but it should be enough to give you flexibility in coming up with a floor area masterpiece.

What We Like about It – It’s hand-tufted, giving you the feeling that it’s been crafted especially for you. The soft felt backing is also magnificent so there’s no worry about it scratching your floor.

Aurora Multi Swirl Lines Modern Geometric Abstract Brush Stroke Area Rug by Well Woven

With Well Woven’s Aurora Multi Swirl Lines Modern Geometric Abstract Brush Stroke Area Rug, you now can place a visually stunning masterpiece right under your feet. The 0.5 inch pile height allows the vibrant colors of the Aurora to pop out, adding life to an otherwise drab room. While it is made by machine, it does provide a very luxurious handmade feel that can rival even higher end products. The backing is made of 100 percent jute which is very ideal for wood covered floors although it can actually be placed on almost any other surface. The vibrant colors are also guaranteed never to fade so you’ll be left with a beautiful work of art even after how many decades of use and abuse. With 9 different abstract yet truly stunningly colorful designs, it’s going to be an absolute fun mixing it with your existing interior design theme.

What We Like about It – It’s highly durable. But, what is really amazing about the Aurora is the use of geometric shapes and vibrant colors to weave a fantastic artwork for your floor.

nu-LOOM Lindsy Rug by Rugs USA

The first time we saw the nuLOOMLindsy, we thought we were looking at a worn-out, used, and tattered mat that is better left in the junkyard than it is to be placed on somebody else’s floor. However, this is actually where the nuLOOMLindsy’s charm lies. Its rustic and ragged appearance is perfect for creating a contrast element to an otherwise super-organized home. The color pattern has been distressed to help give it its classic worn-appearance. But, nuLOOMLindsy floor rugs are anything but worn-out. With latex backing and 100 percent polypropylene fibers, it provides excellent comfort for the feet as well as any other part of your body that will come into contact with it.

What We Like about It – The nuLOOMLindsy is perfect for homes with rustic décors. It’s durable and easy to clean, too.

Moroccan Trellis Area Rug Carpet by Persian-Rugs

The North African nation of Morocco is best known for its rich culture and exquisite architecture, most notably its geometrically stunning trellis. That’s why many modern rugs today carry this classic design element across their weave. Moroccan Trellis Area Rug Carpet carries on this tradition with its superb interpretation of how the various symmetrical curves and corners of this North African design element can be optimized in the design of mats and carpets. It’s beautiful, elegant, and exquisite, giving you the perfect finish for any room in your home. The fabric material is intended to be highly resistant against any form of stains so it looks brand new all the time. Maintenance is also never an issue as its premium polypropylene has been structured for ease of cleaning. The patterns on the Moroccan are excellent for creating visual breaks to a solid floor.

What We Like about It – For families who love exotic carpets, the Moroccan is an excellent choice.

Area Rug Modern Carpet by Persian-Rugs

Modern homes and offices require very contemporary décors for their rooms. Only a modern carpet, one that can speak well of the various essences of modern-day living, is fit to be placed in these buildings. As such, you may need the Area Rug Modern Carpet provided by Persian-Rugs. These are designed in patterns of rectangles and squares in various sizes to come up with a latticework that is both elegant and stylish. Each block comes with a different design pattern, tone, and hue to give you excellent styling in your home. Like any other rug in our selection, the Modern Carpet comes with polypropylene materials of the highest possible quality to give you a tactile sensation that’s sure to send waves of pleasure up your brain. Because of the use of a single primary color but with different hues and gradations, it does provide a wonderful dance for the eyes.

What We Like about It – Built for the modern home or office, the Modern Carpet is a fabulous piece of décor that will please the all of the senses.

Adirondack Collection Oriental Vintage Area Rug by Safavieh

When you talk about the Adirondack, you’d be able to visualize magnificent mountain ranges, stunning peaks, and one of the largest collections of ski resorts in the country. Like the mighty Adirondack range, Safavieh’s Adirondack Collection Oriental Vintage floor rugs are mighty strong, might durable, and mighty beautiful. With a pile height of only a third of an inch, it gives you a feeling of a carpet more than a rug. However, every fiber of the polypropylene pile is built for endurance and durability, just like the mighty mountain ranges it is named for. Ornate details adorn the surface of the Adirondack, giving it a certain style that can only come from more than a century of craft perfection. The neutral clean lines of the Adirondack hint at a dash of geometric intrigue, just perfect for people who love simple elegance.

What We Like about It – It’s from Safavieh. You don’t question the quality of the products of a 100+ year old company.

Monaco Collection Modern Abstract Watercolor Area Rug by Safavieh

The Principality of Monaco may be small but it is considered as the playground of the world’s elite and richest folks. Integrating these characteristics into a modern carpet would seem next to impossible. For Safavieh, it’s just another rug that they have to design and craft. Styled as an abstract watercolor painting, the Monaco is full of remarkable geometric shapes painted in vibrant colors creating an excellent work of art that you and your guests will be admiring for many years to come. The colors and forms can be easily matched with any existing décor, making interior designing unusually easy. Its durability is made possible by Safavieh’s age-old tradition of crafting everything by hand. Although many of their processes are now fully automated, they still provide the same meticulous handiwork that they have been known for many generations.

What We Like about It – Everything from Safavieh can be depended on to be of the highest possible quality. The use of multicolors within multiple geometric patterns extends its versatility in improving one’s interior design.

Moroccan Lattice Vintage Modern Casual Area Rug by Well Woven

The traditional rugs of the Mediterranean and Asia are known for their intricate patterns and designs. That’s why they are often sought after. The Moroccan Lattice Vintage Modern Casual is a modernized take on these cool area rugs of the past. You can say that you’d be increasing the historical and cultural value of your room with any of these floor décors. It’s plush with a 0.5-inch pile height giving it a texture that’s remarkably soft and smooth. Made by the master artisans of Turkey, the Moroccan Lattice is both fade- and stain- resistant, enabling you to enjoy it and the look of your room for many years.

What We Like about It – The Moroccan Lattice exudes with classical beauty that can only come from one of the world’s leading makers of carpets and rugs.

Natural Fiber Collection BasketweaveSeagrass Area Rug by Safavieh

It may look very ordinary, but the Natural Fiber Collection of Safavieh is one unique rug that is perfect with wooden floors as well as decorative items made of wood. The thing that really makes it beautiful is that it uses natural seagrass that have been harvested in a sustainable way. This gives it a very unique texture and visual cues that you don’t get from polypropylene and polyester fabrics. It’s thus, a very important décor for green homes. The Natural Fiber Collection still has Safavieh’s renowned craftsmanship and dedication to quality, ensuring that every roll of this unique carpet will last for a lifetime.

What We Like about It – It’s unique. It’s durable. It’s natural and environmentally friendly. Best of all, it’s from Safavieh.

Feraghan New City Hil1030 Contemporary Modern Wavy Circles Area Rug by New City

Designed like a busy cloverleaf on an interstate highway, the Feraghan New City is a very modern carpet that boasts of a combination of heatset olefin-twisted yarn and wool, split 50-50, instead of the usual polypropylene. This gives it a very unusual visual and textural characteristic that are guaranteed to bring out the natural aesthetics of any room. The circular patterns and curved lines naturally draw the eye towards certain interesting objects within the room. Cleaning is not a problem as the Feraghan boasts of superb stain resistance. Made and imported from Turkey, it’s not surprising that the Feraghan commands the respect of more than 1,000 super happy customers.

What We Like about It – The stain resistance is something. But, it’s the combination of yarn and wool that’s surprisingly pleasant.

Royalty 8083-200 Traditional Area Rug by Home Dynamix

If you’re searching for traditional rugs, do what more than 1,400 customers have done: get the Home Dynamix Royalty. You’ll never go wrong with this carpet as it comes in classic traditional styling accentuated by bold and selectively muted yet equally vibrant colors. With different patterns and styles, the Royalty is clearly what you want to get if you don’t want to think about coordinating the design of your carpet to the overall theme of your room.

What We Like about It – The traditional styling has been effectively modernized but in a rather subtle way. This gives it a certain elegance that has been enjoyed by opulent families for many centuries.

Moroccan Trellis Modern Geometric Area Rug by Home Way

The Moroccan Trellis design is one of the most popular designs for carpets especially traditional rugs. Home Way’s Moroccan trellis is perfect for any room in a modern house as it has been designed with a more modern and trendy feel to it. Made with polypropylene, it’s easy to clean, fade- and stain- resistant, and very durable, too. The luxurious construction will make you feel as if it was actually handmade. Now, you get a high quality product for a ridiculously low price.

What We Like about It – It’s inexpensive yet the quality even surpasses some higher-priced brands.

Modern Geometric Comfy Casual Hand Carved Area Rug by Well Woven 

Add a unique visual style to your floor by getting the Modern Geometric Comfy Casual Hand Carved Area Rug. Polypropylene fibers have been air twisted to give it an exceptionally soft feel. The backing is made of jute so it won’t scratch your floor, just perfect for wooden flooring. Abstract circles and quadratic shapes adorn the face of this modern carpet making it ideal for contemporary rooms.

What We Like about It – The use of geometric patterns blends well with almost any existing motif.

Hand Woven Reversible Jute and Cotton Multi Chindi Braid Rug by Cotton Craft

Round floor rugs are less common than rectangular ones. This doesn’t mean they’re less effective in providing great aesthetic value to any room. The Hand Woven Reversible Jute and Cotton Multi Chindi Braid Rug is intricately woven by the hands of master artisans using only the finest recycled cotton available. Adding to the eco-friendliness of the modern rug are natural jute yarns. This is the perfect solution for people who are conscious about the environment.

What We Like about It – Using recycled cotton rags is unusually effective in bringing out an exceptional elegance.

OTH Ottohome Collection Contemporary Damask Design Runner Rug with Non-Skid Rubber backing by Ottomanson 

On hallways, you cannot place a traditional rectangular rug. What you need is a runner type of rug that will cover as much length of your room as possible. The OTH Ottohome Contemporary Damask Design is one cool-looking rug that will surely create positive vibes in your hallways as well as kitchens. It has a rubber backing that has been integrated with non-slip technology.

What We Like about It – This classic contemporary design matches well with any interior design motif. The non-slip backing is a wonder as well.

How We Chose the Really Cool and Amazing Rugs in Our List

Picking a rug to list as one of the coolest has been quite challenging simply because it is, we believe, a very personal experience requiring an understanding of personal preferences. Nevertheless, we know we have to be as objective as possible so we focused on three things: the overall construction of the product, the plushness of the fabric material, and its ease of maintenance.

It is essential that the construction of the area carpet is of the soundest possible quality. Carpets and rugs will take on the weight of people as well as certain pieces of furniture. As such, the construction must be very durable to give it superb longevity. Otherwise, the carpet you buy today will be shredded to bits in just a matter of weeks. We don’t want that to happen now, do we?

The plushness of the material was also considered. These are not your ordinary floor covering that can be laid out from end to end inside your home. These are very special coverings that are only placed on certain areas of the floor. In many cases, these are used as play mats, sitting mats, and even naptime mats. It was thus, important for us to look into the level of comfort that these products have to offer.

The rug’s ease of maintenance was also considered. We wanted to make sure that it will be easy to clean on a regular basis. We also included the “coolness” of the rug. Unfortunately, as we have already said, it’s a very subjective parameter. So we let customers do the talking. The feedback and reviews of current users of the product were evaluated to identify which among the hundreds of rugs and carpets in the market are considered to be the best and the coolest.

Picking the Right Area Rug

There are many ways in which you can pick the perfect area rug for your home. For the most part, you’d have to have a fair idea of the design philosophy of the room you want to place the area rug on. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right area rug for you.

  • Always start with an understanding of how the room is typically used including the amount of traffic that passes and the persons who will be looking at the rug. You may also want to consider the lighting of the room.
  • Understand that light-colored rugs will typically make your room appear large while deeper colors will add a certain cozy feel to your room.
  • Always choose an area rug that has the best combination of fiber and density. Always go for denser pile as this will help prolong the life of your rug. Also take note of closer stitches or tufting that adds to the durability and strength of the rug.
  • Never underestimate the value of padding as this can reduce the rate of wear and tear. It also allows for a more efficient cleaning as you can easily lift the rug. It also adds to noise reduction.

The Bottom Line

Area rugs give a certain character to any room. It’s one of the most practical ways to improve the design aesthetics of any home. With these 20 super cool rugs, you’re bound to create a visual masterpiece in any room.