Cool Car Accessories in 2019

Cool Car Accessories in 2019

Cool Car Accessories in 2019

There was a time in the history of man when people who own cars were looked up to by society as being the world’s elite. Having an automobile then was already a huge boost to one’s socioeconomic status. Today, while some auto brands are still looked up to with much reverence and as a symbol of one’s wealth and social importance, the car is already a basic necessity for any modern family. For some, they treat their cars as their second home. As such, you can actually understand the level of care and attention they put into their automobiles. Our 15 cool car accessories in 2019 was intended primarily for those who care for their cars as well as those who may simply want to have the best automotive driving experience of their lives.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver / Car Kit

Most of our favorite songs and tunes are stored in our mobile devices like tablets and smartphones and many others. Unfortunately, you’d have to connect these devices to your car’s audio system to enjoy all of your favorite music right inside your car. The best way to do this is to use the TaoTronics Portable Wireless Audio Adapter that works exceptionally well with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices. The TaoTronics enables you to wirelessly connect your devices to your car’s audio system eliminating the need for wires and cables. It’s as simple as plugging the TaoTronics into your car audio head unit’s 3.5 mm audio jack and you now have superb access to the music files stored in your device. You can even control the volume, play or pause music, or even skip tracks with a single press of a button. The TaoTronics features a Double Link technology that allows you to connect two devices at the same time so you can answer your phone and enjoy music at once. With such technologies, it’s not surprising the TaoTronics is well-received both by car enthusiasts and music lovers everywhere.

WHAT WE LIKE ABOUT IT: The TaoTronics is a very small device that’s packed with space age features that can turn your car’s audio system into an extension of your mobile devices.

BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover For Cars

For those of us who have pets, one of the greatest issues is how we can take our pets to the park or wherever without them destroying our car’s upholstery. One solution is to put them in a crate or pet transporter. If we have a truck, we can place the crate at the back in the flat bed. Unfortunately, not everyone owns a truck. So, we can either use a crate to transport our pet dogs or we can buy the Barks Bar Pet Seat Cover instead. The Barks Bar is a convertible pet seat cover that can function as a standard seat cover or as a hammock. Either way, you can be assured your car upholstery as well as other surfaces in your car will be adequately protected from scratches, dirt, spills, fur, hair, and other pet mess. It also comes with storage pockets for keeping your pet’s essential items. The Barks Bar is made of heavy duty and premium quality polyester that gives your pet superb comfort. Now, traveling with your pet is absolutely worry-free.

WHAT WE LIKE ABOUT IT: The Barks Bar is an ingenious solution to the perennial problem of car upholstery damage and car cabin chaos brought about by pets that are not placed inside their respective crates.

Honey-Can-Do Top Quality Car Trunk Storage Chest Organizer

One of the most often neglected parts of the modern automobile is the trunk. For most of us, this is where most of our junk is placed. We have all the tools we need to change a tire or even to perform a quick fix-it on our ride. When we go shopping, it’s the part of the car that takes the most abuse. Since the trunk is essentially a functional space, there must be a way we can optimize or maximize this valuable attribute. With the Honey-Can-Do Trunk Organizer this is now more than possible. The Honey-Can-Do efficiently organizes your stuff right in your trunk. Thanks to its super durable construction, you can now organize your large and heavy items as well as smaller gadgets, tools, and trinkets. It’s got two main storage compartments and 3 mesh side pockets that can hold your small tools, accessories, maps, and others. The main compartments can effectively hold your toolbox, jumper cables, gas can, flare kit, tire pump, and a whole lot more. Reclaim the full functionality of your car’s trunk with the Honey-Can-Do.

WHAT WE LIKE ABOUT IT: The Honey-Can-Do is a very simple solution that can actually be done with a simple organization of used boxes. However, it makes for a more efficient storage and organizer solution than ordinary boxes.

Wiz Gear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder

One very important car accessory today is the mobile device mount or holder. These are small gadgets that serve as holders or cradles for our devices like MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, and others. Typically, we are given a product that can be placed onto the dashboard with strips of adhesive tape or on the windshield with suction cups. There are also mesh mats that are non-slip and provide excellent grip. However, the WizGear is a much better solution. Don’t underestimate the size of this gadget as it features a reinforced magnetic technology inside its miniscule body. It is this magnetic force that will keep your devices from falling. The WizGear snaps onto the slots of your car aircon vents. There is no need for separate adhesion or any other system to keep it mounted. It comes with a complementary magnetic mount to be attached to your mobile device. When this is aligned with the magnetic head of the WizGear, your device is going nowhere.

WHAT WE LIKE ABOUT IT: The WizGear’s universal design means you can use it on any automobile that has an air con vent as well as on any mobile device.

Navdy – Augmented Reality GPS Navigation System With Heads Up Display

Modern cars are fully equipped with GPS technology. Some automobile models even come with an advanced navigation system already built into their console. Sadly, not all modern cars have this feature. Not to fret though because the Navdy Augmented Reality GPS Navigation System is now here. The wonderful thing is that the Navdy easily connects to your mobile device so that the full functionality of your smart devices is fully synchronized with the Navdy’s unique technology. Place the Navdy on your dashboard right in front of the steering wheel so you will still have your eyes on the road. There’s no danger of the device obstructing your full view of the road as it is designed like a state of the art Heads Up Display. This enables you to stay connected with all the maps, messages, calls, and even music on your device. Everything can be accessed with a gesture of your hand. You can even make it read your messages for you. You can also reply to these messages using the Google Assistant or Siri. It is also possible to customize the HUD with key driver information so your eyes are on the road and not on your dashboard. The Navdy truly revolutionizes the way we drive.

WHAT WE LIKE ABOUT IT: The Navdy features an excellent array of wireless connectivity with mobile devices projected in an HUD interface.

Custom Accessories 91116 Coin Holder

Having coins strewn on your car’s center console or even under the dashboard can really be annoying especially during less-than ideal drives. The constant jingling and clanging of the coins can really disrupt the peace and quiet of the car’s interior. Sometimes, too, we tend to scavenge for coins all over the cabin just to have the exact change. There must be a more organized way to keep all of our coins together. The Custom Accessories Coin Holder can be easily installed on your center console with a loop tape and hook or even a magnetic device to keep it secure. We can then place all of our quarters, dimes, and nickels in the Coin Holder for easy access at parking meters and tollways. Now, you don’t need to scour the vehicle for loose change.

WHAT WE LIKE ABOUT IT: The Custom Accessories Coin Holder will not get in the way to the other controls on your car making it the perfect storage solution for very small trinkets like coins.

Autoark AK-002 Standard Car Seat Back Organizer

If you have kids then you know that you need to have the Autoark AK-002 Standard Car Seat Back Organizer. This is perfect for keeping all of your passengers’ essentials such as drinks, tissue boxes, magazines, and other items organized and within easy access of your passengers at the back. Simply attach the Autoark to the back of the driver’s or the front passenger’s seat and you now have an excellent storage solution for the rest of your vehicle occupants. Made of high quality materials, the Autoark is designed for maximum strength and durability. It also provides ample insulation to keep your drinks cold so they will be a lot more refreshing to guzzle down. The Autoark comes with a built-in tissue dispenser located at the bottom of the organizer so you’ll never have to worry about rummaging through the different compartments and pockets of the Autoark for that piece of tissue you need to wipe your ketchup smudge on your lips.

WHAT WE LIKE ABOUT IT: The Autoark has an excellent workmanship that helps guarantee durability and functionality in terms of keeping your things organized.

Drop Stop – The Original Patented Car Seat Gap Filler

Every time we clean the interior of our automobile, the most difficult part to clean is the spaces or gaps in between surfaces such as the area around the seat belt catch and the area between the center console and the front seats. In most cases these are filled with dirt, dust, coins, candy wrappers, and other small objects that invariably find their way into these crevices. You can manually remove these, of course, but a more effective solution is to prevent things from ever getting into these spaces or gaps again. For this you will need the Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler. The Drop Stop is made of premium quality neoprene which allows it to either expand or contract depending on the size of the gap to make sure you effectively cover the space so that nothing will ever get inside the gap again. The set comes in 2 for both the driver and the front passenger.

WHAT WE LIKE ABOUT IT: The Drop Stop comes as a pleasant surprise in our list of cool car accessories as there are literally thousands of Amazon customers raving about it.

Car Vacuum Cleaner,Onshowy 12 Volt 75W

The Drop Stop may be good for preventing dirt and debris from getting into those gaps between your seat and center console but, it surely cannot keep the rest of your vehicle clean. You can get a full sized vacuum cleaner for this purpose or you can buy the Onshowy Portable Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleaner instead. The Onshowy comes with a powerful motor that can remove dirt, debris, hair, and other items strewn on the surface of your car’s interior. It boasts of a cyclone mechanism which effectively ensures constant suction power and superbly clean filters. The nozzle can be easily adjusted and is slim enough to fit into gaps, crevices, and spaces, as well as any other hard to reach area in your car. The Onshowy features a one-step empty mechanism which effectively eliminates the need to manually remove the waste from its canister. The power cord of the Onshowy easily plugs into the 12 volt cigarette lighter in your automobile. It should also be no problem cleaning the rest of the car as the power cord extends up to 4.5 meters long.

WHAT WE LIKE ABOUT IT: The Onshowy provides an easy and very convenient way to clean your car and keep it smelling fresh all day, every day.

Armor All 78840 4-Piece Black All Season Rubber Floor Mat

Protect your automobile carpet from dirt, sticks, rocks, gums, and other objects that you inadvertently carry with you as you climb on to your vehicle. Get the Armor All 78840 All Season Rubber Floor Mat and have it custom-fitted to the exact measurements of your vehicle’s flooring. This gives you a more precise cut for your car’s carpet. The Armor All 78840 also comes with Carpet Claw technology which is what helps secure it on your vehicle’s carpet. This helps prevent slipping or traveling of the floor mat. The Armor ALL 78840 has been dutifully designed and engineered for superb carpet protection while also guaranteeing optimum resistance against curling, cracking, or even hardening in extremely cold weather conditions. Being an All-Season design, the Armor All 78840 is the only car floor mat you will ever need to protect the surface where you rest your feet.

WHAT WE LIKE ABOUT IT: The Armor All’s unique all-season design makes it a superb vehicle carpet protection system.

How We Chose the Really Cool Car Accessories in Our List

Accessories are traditionally defined as something that is really not essential but can otherwise add effectiveness, convenience, or even aesthetics to an existing object or item. That being said, you can still drive your car even without these accessories. However, the whole driving experience will simply be elevated to a whole new level when you add any of these gadgets to your automobile. This is the basic premise of our search for the cool car accessories to shortlist. These must first be functional or that they serve a very specific purpose of making us enjoy our ride a lot better. Likewise, if it can make riding an automobile much more convenient and comfortable, then we included these, too. Aesthetics was the last of the parameters that we had to consider in terms of the inherent purpose of the automobile accessory. This is because aesthetics is mostly subjective. It may look cute for us but not for you, then there’s really no point arguing.

We also factored the satisfaction derived by customers from using the product. This means we had to read their experiences and tried to determine whether it was mostly positive or a mix of positives and negatives. Either way, this gave us an idea of how such products actually performed in the real world.

Tips to Choosing the Right Car Accessories

First-time car owners often find difficulty deciding on the essential car accessories they need to buy for their car. While there are really no standards or blueprints on how to choose car accessories, experts always recommend considering some tips that have been proven to provide the best results for any endeavor especially in the search of products for cars. Here are some of them.

  • Buy only car accessories that are designed specifically for your brand and model of car. While universal products may be enticing, they may not necessarily fit into your car’s overall design. You might as well end up reducing the functional or aesthetic value of your vehicle.
  • Always consider the safety of the vehicle occupants including you and your passengers. If these accessories will jeopardize the safety of your passengers, is it really worth it buying these gadgets?
  • Choose car accessories that provide absolute value to your riding experience. These must not only give you a very enjoyable ride, these should also help increase the resale value of your car in case you want to sell it.
  • Seeking inspiration from fellow motorists is always a good idea on how you can choose the right accessory for your car. This is especially true if you look for gadgets for the same brand and model of car that you have.

The Bottom Line

When we accessorize our cars, we are essentially improving the way we experience our ride by making it safer, more convenient, more functional, and hopefully, more aesthetically pleasing. With these 15 cool car accessories improving our riding and driving experience has just become easier.


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