10 Super Cool Fish Tanks in 2019

10 Super Cool Fish Tanks in 2019

10 Super Cool Fish Tanks in 2019

One of the most attractive décor we could ever put anywhere in our homes, be it in the living room, the kitchen, or the bedroom, or even in the office, is an aquarium or a fish tank. However, compared to other types of pets, aquarium fishes are quite challenging to care for as they require a highly controlled aquatic environment to thrive. Any change in the water’s properties is enough to wreak havoc in the whole aquarium ecosystem. Nonetheless, with these 10 super cool fish tanks we’re pretty certain owning and maintaining these beautiful aquariums will be a breeze.

Our 10 Amazing Fish Tanks

5-Gal ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit by MarineLand

5-Gal ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit

One of the really cool aquariums that we’ve seen which is perfect for beginners is the 5-gallon MarineLand Portrait Aquarium Kit. This one already comes complete with everything that you’ll ever need to start on your journey to home or office fishkeeping. It’s got a complete filtration system with a fully adjustable water pump to keep the water healthy and livable for your fishes. The MarineLand also comes with two LED light modes to simulate both daylight and nighttime under-the-sea conditions making it the perfect décor for your office or even in your kitchen and bedroom. The canopy is made of sliding glass giving you instant access especially during cleanup and water changes. Now all you will ever need are the fishes, marine plants, and other aquarium accessories and you’ve got a really beautiful starter set.

What We Like about It – The MarineLand’s unique 3-stage filtration system helps keep the water fresh and healthy for your fishes. The lighting setup is also phenomenal which can help add to the overall aesthetics of your room.

50-Gal Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set by SeaClear

50-Gal Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

If you prefer large fish tanks over the smaller ones, then the 50 gallon SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set is the one to get. The acrylic construction of the SeaClear gives it superb lightweight, chip-resistant, and impact-resistant properties enabling you a near-sea world-like environment right in your own home. The lightweight nature of acrylic also allows the SeaClear to be installed on any type of floor surface as its weight will be lighter than if the aquarium was made of pure glass. The SeaClear comes with a 2-foot long electric lighting fixture to give you superb viewing of your aquarium from any angles. It also comes with a reflector to provide the massive aquatic environment with lighting reflected off natural sources like the sun. You will have to provide your own decorations as well as aquatic life forms, however. The good thing is that the SeaClear is perfect for saltwater or even freshwater fishes.

What We Like about It – The size of the SeaClear is perfect for homes that require a massive aquatic decoration. However, because of its sheer size, it is not really for beginners as it requires a certain degree of maintenance.

5-Gal 29045 Aquarium Kit with Blue LED Light by GloFish 

5-Gal 29045 Aquarium Kit with Blue LED Light

Boasting of a seamless construction which eliminates any risk of leaks and breakage and allowing for superb viewing angles, the GloFish Aquarium Kit with Blue LED Light is one of the cool aquariums that you will ever have, especially if you are just beginning in the world of aquariuming. While the GloFish is only a tenth the size and capacity of the SeaClear, it more than makes up for it with its stylish and elegant look made even classier by its sleek lines. The GloFish already includes a patented BioBag to help you cycle the water in the initial stages of setting up the tank. The microfilter as well as other accessories are already included to make setting up a breeze. But what is really amazing about the GloFish is its blue LED lights that give it a spectacular feel of watching a scene straight out from the depths of the blue ocean. And since it’s made of acrylic, you can be sure it’s tough, durable, and highly impact-resistant.

What We Like about It – The lovely and sleek styling of the GloFish make it the ideal décor for many offices as well as small to medium sized living rooms. Or, you can set it up it in your kitchen to keep you company while preparing and enjoying a meal.

EcoQubeC Desktop Betta Fish Tank by EcoQube

If you don’t really like the idea of having to clean your aquarium every time the water gets down right dirty or murky, then you’d need the EcoQubeC Desktop Betta. These really cool aquariums are very easy to setup as it already comes complete with its very own proprietary integrated aquaponics filter and a remote controlled LED lighting system. What makes the Eco Qube C so special is that it doesn’t require any complicated changing or manipulation of its filtration system. You’ll be placing a live plant in its dedicated holder on top of the aquarium. When your betta fish eliminates, the waste products are converted into fertilizer by the integrated aquaponics filter. The live plant then cleans your water by using the newly-converted fertilizer. The Eco Qube C also has a very small footprint making it an excellent table or desktop décor whether in your office or right in your study desk at home. Or, you can even place it right on top of your dining table for an entirely different dining experience.

What We Like about It – Simple. Efficient. And, totally green. The low maintenance nature of the Eco Qube C makes it, by far, the best aquarium for greenhorns.

1.1-Gal Half Moon Betta Aquarium by Tetra

5.1.1-Gal Half Moon Betta Aquarium

If you’re looking for cheap fish tanks but with a name that is synonymous to quality products you can trust, then the Tetra 1.1 gallon Half Moon Betta is the one for you. At only a gallon in capacity, this should make for a very interesting desktop décor or even an office table ornament. It’s perfect for keeping a Betta fish complete with LED lights that can be easily repositioned to give you the best lighting effects. You can run the lights on 3 pieces of AA batteries or you can charge it using the USB cable from your smartphone or any other mobile device. The lid itself has an easy access port for feeing your Betta. The half-moon shape is great for small spaces but still allowing you superb view of your fish from any angle.

What We Like about It – Tetra’s been known for producing high quality aquarium products. And the Half Moon Betta is no exception.

20-Gal Tetra Kit by Tetra

20-Gal Tetra Kit

If you’re a fan of Tetra products but don’t like the small Half Moon Betta of the company, maybe its 20 gallon Tetra Kit large fish tanks would appeal to you. Complete with Tetra’s patented Color Fusion LED, this kit is guaranteed to be bursting with life as the lighting system actually changes in color every so often. Watch your anemones and other aquatic plant life sway to the current created by its water pump and filtration system. Your fishes will thrive in the correct water temperature made warm by the Tetra heater. The kit already comes with all you need to have a 20 gallon aquarium right in your own living room including a Whisper 20 type of filter, 2 pieces of Wonderland Plants, and a truly magnificent blooming white anemone. Now, go get your fishes and start a life with your own aquarium.

What We Like about It – The complete Tetra system is just what beginning fishkeepers will need to enjoy their new hobby.

56028 My Fun Fish Tank by As Seen on TV

56028 My Fun Fish Tank

If you’re interested in getting started with an aquarium but don’t actually know if you’ll love it or not, then maybe you need to start with cheap fish tanks that are super low maintenance until you get the hang of it. You wouldn’t actually think of the My Fun Fish Tank as an aquarium since the design is more like a boxy water pitcher sans the handle. The point is for you to put a live plant inside the fish tank, put some ornaments, fill it with water, cycle it, and then put your fish. There are no complicated filtration system nor water pumps. The aquatic plant serves as your filter which effectively moves dirty water out from the aquarium through its disposal tube which looks like the spout on your water pitcher. It does provide white LED lighting on top, though.

What We Like about It – This is the perfect gift for those who aren’t sure if an aquarium is for them. The low maintenance requirements are simply superb.

Water Garden Fish Tank by Back to the Roots

Water Garden Fish Tank

Cool aquariums now integrate the eco-friendliness of hydroponics and the technology of aquaculture in a new system called aquaponics. The Water Garden Fish Tank is one supern looking aquaponics system that effectively capitalizes on the symbiotic relationship between fishes and plants. Fishes excrete wastes into the water which are absorbed by the roots of the plants supplying them with the much-needed nutrients to grow. In turn, the waste-absorbing power of plants help keep the water clean making it healthier for the fish. Such symbiotic relationship is now fully displayed in the Water Garden also giving you superb low maintenance fish tanks and a super elegant look to your office or living room.

What We Like about It – The Water Garden is one truly beautiful piece of aquarium that is made even more astounding by the plants that you put on it.

Fluval View Oval Plastic Aquarium by Fluval

Fluval View Oval Plastic Aquarium

For a really superb view of your fishes and plant life in your aquarium, you’d better get the Fluval View. This comes in an oval shaped design to give you unobstructed view of your fish tank’s contents. It already has a fully integrated flow pump and filtration system as well as a two-mode LED lighting system for both daytime and nighttime viewing. The Fluval is perfect for any type of aquarium environments be it tropical, cold, or even temperate. It’s basically up to you how you would like your Fluval to look like in your office or in your home. What matters is that it’s so easy to set up and maintain.

What We Like about It – The oval shape of the Fluval gives a fantastic view of your fishes from different angles. The completeness of the kit is also a welcome bonus.

Biocube by Coralife 


One of the coolest fish tanks we’ve ever seen is the Biocube. Its elegant lines and well-polished look give it an aesthetic appeal that naturally blends with the design theme of your living room, bedroom, or even office. Its acrylic construction allowed for the shaping of the panel as a single unit eliminating joints that can be a source of weakness for the entire system, not to mention leaks. The full lid cover houses both the power unit and the LED lighting mechanism of the Biocube. Setting it up is also very easy as the filter, pump, and lighting are already well integrated into the tank’s compartment. All that is needed now are the accessories as well as the fish that will make your Biocube come to life.

What We Like about It – The elegance of the Biocube is unmatched. The ease of setting up as well as its operation and maintenance make it a great aquarium for beginners.

How We Chose the Top Aquariums in our List

The very first parameter that we considered was the ease of its set up as well as operation and maintenance. We knew that you need to build your confidence first in setting up and maintaining a fish tank before you can move to more complicated aquariums. These must be very easy to install or set up and even easier to maintain.

Second, the design must be super tough and durable. Especially for novices, they are still pretty much groping their way around the ins and outs of aquarium maintenance. It is thus, important that these fish tanks are made of only the most durable materials and that their construction is done in a way that it won’t cause leaks.

Third, and perhaps one of the most important for many beginning aquariumists, is the aesthetic design of the fish tank. These need to bring out the best qualities in any room by adding to its overall aesthetics. As such, lighting and even background decorations and the inclusion of aquarium accessories are a must.

Tips for Beginning Fishkeepers

Now that you have our 10 super amazing aquariums to start with your fishkeeping hobby, it’s about time you try to learn the intricate art of keeping the aquatic life forms in your aquarium fully viable and healthy. While there are no clear-cut rules nor blueprints to guarantee you success in your first venture as a fishkeeper, there are quite several invaluable tips you can observe to serve as guide to successful fishkeeping. It is very important to remember that fishes are unlike any other pets that we have. They cannot be touched, caressed, or even cuddled the way we do these with our pet dogs, cats, rabbits, and even hamsters. Fishes and other aquatic pets require an absolutely different kind of tender loving care; albeit, without the need for touch.

Here are some tips to help you find fulfilment in your new hobby of keeping an aquarium.

  • Strive to learn the basics of aquariums.

While you may have bought for yourself a beautiful fish tank starter kit, it should never stop there. You should do everything you can to learn more about the basics of aquariums so that you’ll be able to readily expand your horizons when the right time comes. You’ll have to learn the fundamentals of an aquarium set up including its filtration system, the air pump, heaters, lighting, and other materials. You’ll also need to learn about the correct sizing and the proper location of your aquarium. More importantly, it is crucial that you learn how to make the water livable, healthy, and breathable for your fishes. Of course, you’d have to learn what species of aquatic animals is perfect for the different kinds of aquarium setups.

  • Cycle your fish tank before you add your fish. 

One of the most common mistakes by newbie aquariumists or fishkeepers is not cycling their fish tanks long enough to produce the correct water conditions for the optimum health of fishes. The water where fishes thrive in their natural environments is a result of centuries of cycling involving the growth of numerous healthy and beneficial microorganisms that provide the necessary conditions for optimum water health. If you’re going to look at natural bodies of water, these are actually not clear. They have a mixture of dissolved particles that enable aquatic life forms to thrive.

If you buy a fish tank today and put your aquatic pets in the tank on the very same day, they will never last long. Why? The water doesn’t have all the correct ingredients including the correct conditions necessary to support aquatic life. That is why you need to cycle your fish tank first before you can start adding fish.

In cycling, you assemble your fish tank, put all of your accessories in, fill it with water, and then run all the different mechanisms. Technically, it’s like having a fully operating aquarium sans the fish. The reason for this is for you to monitor the progress of the water’s chemistry including its temperature. Over time, you will be harboring health microorganisms that serve to break down waste as well as to keep the water healthy and safe for your fish. While there are no clear-cut rules as to how long should cycling be, experts agree that it should be a minimum of a week. Some serious fishkeepers recommend 30 days.

While there are now starter kits that provide solutions to be added into the water to help hasten the speed of cycling, it is still imperative not to put your fish inside the tank on the very same day you bought the aquarium. Additionally, don’t ever cycle your tank with your aquatic pet already inside.

  • Learn the correct parameters of healthy and safe aquarium water. 

The life of your aquatic pet is very dependent on the quality of the water you have in your aquarium. It is important to keep the levels of ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates at the minimum as these can affect the health of your fish. Additionally, the pH of the water must be maintained in the correct levels at all times. While you may be tempted to just pour in over-the-counter products to help balance these substances, a much better approach is to change the water. However, you’re not supposed to remove all of it as doing so will require you to cycle it over again. You’ll lose all of the materials that are important for supporting aquatic life if you’re going to remove all of the water. As such, remove only a third and replace this with clean water. It is also imperative to remove any debris which can accumulate at the bottom of the fish tank.

  • Don’t overfeed your fish. 

Feeds that have not been consumed can affect the overall health of your fish tank water and undermine the wellness of your fish. It’s simple physiology. Give your fish more food and they defecate more. Their wastes are filled with ammonia and nitrates which can alter the delicate chemical balance of the water. Not feeding them can be detrimental to their growth as well.

  • Learn to use appropriate lighting. 

Never ever put your aquarium in an area where it receives direct sunlight as this can hasten the growth of algae. Technically, ambient light is sufficient for fishes to thrive. If you do have live plants in your aquarium, then lighting is a major consideration. These live plants can also help keep the growth and proliferation of algae in check.

The Bottom Line

Getting your own aquarium is a very fulfilling experience. However, there’s more to it than simply buying one of our 10 super cool fish tanks and setting it up. You’d have to learn to maintain it as well. Once you’ve mastered this intricate art of fishkeeping, you can try more advanced aquarium systems.


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