15 Cool Lamps for Your Home in 2019

15 Cool Lamps for Your Home in 2019

15 Cool Lamps for Your Home in 2019

The beauty of our homes is actually the result of a variety of factors. For the most part, the overall design can be enhanced by the correct choice of furniture as well as trimmings and fixtures. Unfortunately, if people just won’t see these simply because of the wrong choice of lighting, then even the most expensive and most luxurious piece of furniture will look like a piece of junk. That’s why you really have to look at our 15 cool lamps for your home in 2019. Whether it is for your living room, your bedroom, your kitchen, or any other part of your home, your property’s natural beauty will shine.

15 Seriously Cool Lamps For Your Home

Himalayan Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp by WBM LLC

There’s one really good reason why the Himalayan Glow is such a huge hit among homeowners and interior decorators as well as office executives alike, garnering a whopping 11,000 rave reviews in the process. These cool table lamps combine the health-giving properties of an ionizer with the cool lighting effects of lava glow. It’s like having a piece of bright orange lava rock right in your bedroom or even in your office. The large Himalayan rock salt, mined and hand carved from Pakistan, provides a healthier, breathable air as it is known to deodorize and cleanse the air around us by attracting moisture in the air which, unfortunately, is often filled with dust particles and other airborne substances that can wreak havoc in our lungs if not removed. That’s why a Himalayan salt lamp is one of the really healthier lamps we can ever buy today. It can also help reduce the symptoms of asthma and allergies, helps alleviate coughing, boosts our energy levels, provides for a more restful sleep, and neutralizes electromagnetic radiation which can cause chronic fatigue syndrome and decreased immune responses. Studies have also revealed that Himalayan salt lamps may help in improving overall mood, focus, and concentration. Some also claim it’s able to manage seasonal affective disorders while also reducing the amount or level of static electricity in the ambient air. The neem wood base also provides an eco-friendly aspect to the Himalayan Glow Lamp, giving it superb termite-resistance as well as unparalleled durability. Once lit, the Himalayan Glow emits an amber color that can really soothe and calm the senses. You’ll have the relaxing effects of being in a spa. All you need now is an aromatherapy diffuser and you’re all set to have a really relaxing atmosphere right in your room. You can also fine-tune the brightness levels of the Himalayan Glow with its built-in dimmer controls. With all these benefits, it’s hard to imagine passing up on this opportunity to get one for your own home or even your office.

What We Like about It – With the health-giving benefits of the Himalayan Glow Lamp together with is excellent sturdy design and styling and thousands of rave reviews, it’s impossible not to fall in love with it.

Table and Bedside Touch Sensor Lamp with Dimmable Warm Light and Color Changing RGB by AUKEY

Today’s contemporary lamps make full use of LED technology to provide a dazzling spectacle. The AUKEY Table and Bedside Touch Sensor Lamp is one such lamp. Each of these cool table lamps is built with 256 LED bulbs that changes in colors with each touch. Tapping on it to emit a brighter white light can provide you with enough illumination to read your favorite pocket book before going to bed. Touching it to produce a dimmer or cooler hue is perfect for setting the toned-down mood for going to sleep. Tapping the base also allows you to adjust the brightness levels of the LED lights from a bright daytime white light to soft and cool illumination. If you don’t like constantly touching the AUKEY’s light controls, you can simply set it on auto-cycle and it will give you the best light show ever. The power to control the AUKEY is literally in your hands.

What We Like about It – The elegant look of the AUKEY complements the functionality of its design. The range of colors of light it emits should give you fantastic options for any situation.

Dimmable LED Desk Lamp by LAMPAT

Office tables as well as work desks need to have the correct lighting so that your eyes will not get strained in the process especially when working at night. However, using the light in your room can somehow disturb the sleep of others. As such, you’ll need cool table lamps such as the LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp. You’ll be surprised at the warm reception of this particular lighting device as more than 3,000 very satisfied customers have provided testimonies to its effectiveness and usefulness. Perhaps what really sold the LAMPAT to these people is the fact that the LED light fixtures inside the slim design of the LAMPAT is guaranteed to last 25 years. However, this is only under normal use. If you’re going to use it 24/7, then it may be shorter than 25. The LAMPAT’s brightness can be adjusted in 5 levels and comes with 4 different modes of lighting. At any rate, you’ll be glad you’ve got plenty of options to make your work a lot easier.

What We Like about It – The minimalist design of the LAMPAT should make for a very elegant space-saving lighting fixture for your desk.

NOT Floor Uplight Lamp by Ikea

If you need unusual floor lamps, maybe you’d like to consider the NOT Floor Uplight Lamp from Ikea? Unlike the usual lamps that are oriented downwards from their recessed fixtures on the ceiling, the NOT is pointing upwards, beaming its light towards the ceiling and effectively diffusing the even distribution of light. Standing close to 6 feet tall at 69 inches, the NOT is an excellent addition to your ordinary living room lighting by also providing an aesthetic look because of its minimalist design. Cleaning the lamp is made easy using dust cloth.

What We Like about It – The NOT won’t take much of your floor space. And since it’s highly mobile, you can provide the kind of illumination that you require in any part of your home.

LT1025-BLK Modern Genuine Leather Table Lamp by Elegant Designs

If you’ve got a home that designed or styled with geometric shapes, you’ll find the boxy appearance of the Elegant Designs modern lamps particularly pleasing, especially its LT1025 Modern Genuine Leather Table Lamp. These cool table lamps have a boxy lamp shade made of high quality fabrics that is able to diffuse the light coming from the bulb in the center fixture. Supporting the fabric shade is a wooden base frame that has been elegantly covered in genuine leader. The combination of wood, leather, and fabric gives the Elegant Designs a really posh appearance that can add pizzazz and style to any room. Use these as bedroom lamps or as light fixtures in any of your rooms.

What We Like about It – It’s fashionable, looks sophisticated, and oozing with elegance. There clearly is no way you’re not going to draw admiration from your friends when they do visit your home.

LED Gooseneck Table and Desk Lamp with Touch Control by TaoTronics

Don’t strain your eyes whenever you have to work at night. Flickering lights can severely affect your eyesight as the constant changing intensity of light can damage the photosensitive receptor cells in the eyes. What you’ll need is a non-flickering light that will help rest your eyes while allowing you to work during the night. The TaoTronnics Gooseneck cool table lamps provide non-flickering and ghost-free illumination to help prevent eye fatigue. You can even control the level of brightness in 7 different settings. This gives you optimum control on how you would like to illuminate your work area. Since it has a gooseneck design, you can be sure that you can reposition the fixture any which way you like. The LED bulbs also help you save at least 75 percent from your existing energy consumption, making it the ideal work light during nighttimeendeavors.

What We Like about It – The ghost-free and flicker-free design of the TaoTronics is one of the reasons why these modern lamps are favored by close to 2,000 consumers. It’s simple yet very elegant and highly functional, too. Best of all, it’s gentle on the eyes.

Color Changing Aurora Projection LED Night Light Lamp with Speaker by SOAIY

The Aurora Borealis and Australis are two natural spectral light phenomenon that has fascinated the world since ancient times. While there have been legends, stories, and myths as to why these phenomenon occur, no one is questioning their implications. For many, it’s a very spectacular show that can be both mesmerizing and magical. Now, kids will have their very own Aurora right in the comfort of their own bedrooms with the Color Changing Aurora Projection LED Night Lamp. These colorful bedroom lamps provide a dazzling display of soft colors being projected into the bedroom ceiling, providing a calming and soothing effect which gives children the feeling of sleeping under the stars. The SOAIY creation also comes with an integrated speaker which you can use to connect to your music player or even mobile device to add your kid’s favorite lullabies, soothing songs, and relaxing melodies to help him or her fall asleep much faster. If you’re worried you’ll be incurring hefty energy bills afterwards, the SOAIY comes with an automatic shut-off feature, allowing it to turn itself off after an hour. What more can you ask for?

What We Like about It – The combination of lights and sounds make the SOAIY a great sleep companion for kids as well as for adults who may have difficulty falling asleep.

Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp with Salt Chunks, Bulb, and Dimmer Control by WBM LLC

If you loved the Himalayan Glow Lamp but would prefer having several chunks of Himalayan rock salt rather than one solid block, then the Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp is for you. Made with several pieces of Pakistan-mined and hand-carved Himalayan rock salt chunks, this WBM product is one of the best contemporary lamps you can ever find, especially if you are concerned about the air quality in your home. Himalayan rock salt is well-regarded for its hygroscopic properties which effectively draws moisture from the air. What we don’t know is that this air is often filled with particulate matter – allergens, dust, mites, spores, smoke, and other airborne substances – that we inhale through our lungs. These can lead to health problems such as the exacerbation of asthma symptoms and the lowering of the immune system functioning, among others. With the ionizing and air purifying effects of the Himalayan Salt Lamp, you can now lead a much healthier life. Actually, not only you, but everyone else in your household. The Himalayan Salt Lamp is contained in a round basket with a choice of bamboo, wood, or metal as its primary material. Whatever basket type you choose, once the 25-watt bulb is powered on, you can now enjoy the warm, calming glow of these wonderful natural rocks. You can also adjust the level of illumination to achieve the desired effect.

What We Like about It – It’s healthy. It’s stylish. And it’s energy efficient. With these qualities, the Himalayan Salt Lamp truly deserves a place in our list of cool lamps.

PacMan Ghost Light USB Powered Multi-colored Lamp by Paladone Products

Can you remember our favorite video game, PacMan? Can you recall the PacMan Ghost that drains the energy off PacMan itself? Well, now imagine a 10.5 inches tall PacMan Ghost made of high quality materials giving you 16 different colors of illumination. When you plug it into your computer using a micro USB cable, it will flash and change its colors in response to the rhythm of the music. Just look at the PacMan Ghost as a cool dancing, party light.

What We Like about It – It’s got a design that is as iconic as PacMan itself. The party mode is also superb. Now, you can have your own dance lights in your bedroom.

Elune TT-DL01 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with Dimmer, Auto-Timer, and Touch-Sensitive Controls by TaoTronics

With close to 5,000 very satisfied and super happy customers, there’s no doubt the TaoTronicsElune TT-DL01 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp is one of the best modern lamps we have. For one, each segment of the Elune can be rotated and adjusted to give you absolute control of the area of illumination. This is in addition to its 5-level dimmer settings. The Elune also has 4 different modes to allow for instant access to the correct illumination. There are modes for sleeping, studying, reading, and even relaxation, each with a different level of brightness and color temperature to provide you with the best effects. The base of the Elune also features a USB port which can double as a charging port for your USB enabled devices. It also has a 60-minute timer so it automatically shuts itself off. All of these features are marvelously integrated into a sleek and ultra-slim design that is never going to waste any of your precious desktop space.

What We Like about It – It’s got a minimalist design with an easy user interface. The addition of 4 lighting modes in an easy access panel is also commendable. Plus, we’re not going to argue with almost 5,000 customers raving about it.

Wright Real Wood Tall Floor Lamp by Adesso

Made of handsomely-crafted black walnut wood giving it an elegance you’ll never see elsewhere, the Wright Real Wood Tall Floor Lamp is ideal for families who are looking for a wonderful addition to their living room that can also double as a display furniture. The Wright is one of the modern floor lamps that never fails to elicit oohs and ahhs from people who see it. The lamp shade of the Wright is made of a combination of polyester and cotton allowing for softer illumination. If you’ve got a living room with wood accents, then this one’s for you.

What We Like about It – The open box design of the Wright allows for superb versatility in terms of its use. The wooden frame is an elegant masterpiece in itself.

Plug-in LED Night Light Lamp with Dusk to Dawn Sensor by SYCEES

If you’re looking for really cool lights for any room, be it your bathroom, your living room, your kitchen, or even your hallway, then the SYCEES Plug-in LED Night Light is the one to get. As long as you have an electrical outlet, you can simply plug this device in. There’s no need to worry about switching it on because it has a fully automated dusk to dawn sensor. Once dusk sets, it automatically illuminates giving you just the right levels of brightness. By dawn, it shuts itself off. It’s so compact that it won’t even block the other outlet on your wall. It’s the perfect solution for illuminating certain areas of your home without much of a thought and with superb energy efficiency.

What We Like about It – The SYCEES is one unique solution for modern homes. It’s as simple as plug and forget and you don’t even have to worry about electric bills later on.

1362 LED Solar Powered Motion Sensor Décor Lamp by Perfectday

If you need a really intelligent lighting system for certain areas of your home, then you need the Perfectday Solar Powered Motion Sensor Décor Lamp. These contemporary lamps are built with passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors that automatically activate the Perfectday if it detects movement within 10 to 26 feet. If there are no additional movements within 10 seconds after the initial detection, the system will turn off the light. This is perfect for illuminating the backyard as it can be charged using its photovoltaic sensors. Charging time usually takes around 7 hours. It is built with excellent heat-proofing and weather-resistance so you can be confident it will be able to withstand the harsh elements. The Perfectday can be set in three different modes such as strong and long light, dim light, and strong light modes.

What We Like about It – Built to intuitively turn itself on whenever it detects movement, the Perfectday is the perfect illuminating tool for modern homes that are tech-savvy and who demand energy efficiency.

TL-TREE 134-WH Three Light Tree Lamp by Boston Harbor

Looking for unusual floor lamps? The Boston Harbor TL-TREE is one unique floor lamp that features three completely movable spotlights. Pivot each of the spotlight up to 45 degrees to illuminate a certain part of your room. Rotate the spotlights up to 350 degrees in relation to one another to achieve a more dramatic effect in your lighting. You’ll only have to buy three bulbs for the set and you’re done.

What We Like about It – It only takes a very small amount of space in your room. The mobility of the spotlights can give you the kind of lighting effects you’re after.

Holmo 46-inch Floor Lamp by Ikea 

When it comes to contemporary lamps, we believe the Holmo can rightfully be called one of the best. Its design is just like the sky lanterns that the Chinese are known for. The 46-inch tall Holmo provides a soft glow to any room, thanks to the grainy surface of the rice paper that wraps its tubular lamp shade. The circular ribs provide a beautiful contrast to the soft glow from the inside. This makes for a wonderful artwork while also providing the aesthetics and gentle illumination to any room.

What We Like about It – The use of rice paper is exceptional as it provides a certain glow that is unlike any other. There’s also a certain elegance to the overall design of the Holmo that is perfect for homes that require such character in their rooms.

How We Chose the Cool Lamps in Our List

Picking the coolest and most amazing light fixtures to brighten up our homes and emphasize those areas that we are most proud of requires, first and foremost, an understanding of aesthetics as applied in lighting. While we deemed these lighting fixtures to be really cool, we know that you may not entirely agree with us. It is for this reason that we had to get the support of consumers who were kind enough to leave rave reviews about these products. At least, we’re not the only ones saying that our selection is indeed beautiful and cool.

Next, since we’re talking about lighting fixtures, it’s important that these will not significantly increase your power consumption. Energy efficiency should always be a quality of good modern lamps. Electrical safety was also considered. You don’t want your home to be illuminated beautifully only to risk residential fires. All of the electrical components of these contemporary lamps must be tested and have been certified to be safe by appropriate government regulatory agencies and third party international organizations.

Any built-in controls like dimmers and other features such as music players and wireless connectivity, if any, were carefully evaluated for their ease of operation, the quality of their function, and the overall impact on the lives of members of the household. Surely, these features are not here just for the sake of having something to be printed on the box itself.

Tips to Choosing the Correct Lighting for Your Home

We already shared with you how we chose the cool lamps in this list. But, we’re not actually saying you should do the same. Here are some tips to choosing the right lighting for your home.

  • Always plan your lighting needs, at least 8 weeks before installing them. This gives you plenty of time to study your options as well as control your budget. For instance, you can take this time to really master the art of how to choose the perfect lamp shade for your bedroom or even understand your energy expenditures and how your chosen lighting can impact this.
  • Consider consulting a home lighting specialist to get an idea of the right kinds of lighting that are appropriate for the existing design of your home. They can provide you with the kind of insight that will bring optimum form and function for the type of light fixture that you’ll choose.
  • Understand the characteristics of your ceiling as these are often neglected in the choice of lighting. You’ll have to consider the height, the materials, and the insulation of your ceiling. Additionally, you’ll also take into consideration the height of the surface which will directly receive the light from the ceiling.
  • Go functional. Different lamps and lights have different functions. It’s important to know what you want to illuminate so you’ll have a fair idea of what lighting you’ll need. For instance, if you want reading lights, then go for brighter ones. If you need relaxing lighting, then go for dimmer fixtures.
  • Check the energy efficiency ratings of lighting fixtures, unless, of course, electric bills are not an issue.

The Bottom Line

Our selection of cool contemporary lamps will surely liven up your home as well as safeguard your wellbeing and state of health. Buying any one of these will surely provide an atmosphere that is closer to your liking.


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