14 Cool Pocket Knives in 2019

14 Cool Pocket Knives in 2019

14 Cool Pocket Knives in 2019

Pocket knives have been used by man since the early Iron Age. Folding blade knives were already being forged in the Iberian peninsula even before the pre-Roman era. Pocket knives have become one of the most indispensable tools of man. True enough, these small marvels of cutting technology have evolved to become one of the most versatile gadgets any man could ever have. It is this utility that has given the device the status of a popular icon. Hence, we’re bringing you 14 cool pocket knives that you surely don’t want to miss this 2019.

Swiss Army Pocket Knife by Victorinox

Although it was initially intended as a multi-purpose tool that served the men of the Swiss military in 1891, the Swiss Army Pocket Knife has achieved worldwide recognition after it was popularized by Angus MacGyver in the popular 80’s TV series. Today, the term Swiss Army knife is often used as a metaphor for describing a person’s or an object’s adaptability and usefulness. Made by the same company that has been producing these fine quality and highly useful devices since the middle of the 19th century, Victorinox, today’s incarnation of the fabled multipurpose bladed tool never fails to draw admiration for its sleek lines and the technology that’s been put into its creation. Available in various combinations to cater to the active lifestyles of different personalities, the quintessential Swiss Army knife is great for campers, climbers, hunters, sportsmen, handymen, and extreme adventurers as well as other professions. Depending on the variant that you’ll get, you’ll be treated to a variety of tools that have been the signature of Victorinox products. This is, of course, in addition to the 2.45 inch blade. For example, getting the Camper II variant wil give you a corkscrew, screwdriver, bottle opener, and even a wood saw which makes it ideal for camping, hiking, or even fishing. The Champion Plus, on the other hand, will give you a whopping 30 pieces of high grade stainless steel tools. The Climber II has 14 tools while the Huntsman II gives you 15 different functionalities. The Spartan II and Sportsman II variants both give you 12 different stainless tools. The nice thing about this bladed tool is that you get lifetime warranty for any defects observed in its craftsmanship as well as the materials used in its production. Exclusively handmade, you’ll never go wrong with a Victorinox. That’s why our favorite improviser MacGyver uses it all the time even in life-and-death situations. You don’t need life threatening situations to enjoy the full benefits of this knife, though.

What We Like about It – With more than a century of perfecting the art of multifunctional and high quality bladed tools, it would simply be foolish not to think about the Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife. There’s only one of its kind. And if there are other blades in the world, they’d just be competing for the number 2 spot.

US Navy SEAL Team Punisher Tanto Blade Rescue Pocket Knife by The X Bay

Everybody knows what the US Navy SEAL stands for and what its men are truly capable of. Often given assignments nobody else would dare take, these tough military specialists are known for improvisations as well as for their toughness. These qualities are well integrated into the design of the US Navy SEAL Team Punisher TANTO Blade rescue Pocket Knife. With an all-steel construction, the Punisher is built to cut almost anything. With partial serrations on the 3.5 inch tanto blade made of stainless steel, the Punisher can rip through leather as well as other materials. The sleek blade is emblazoned with the iconic skull logo of the Punisher to warn others of how unforgiving the blade can be. The SEAL Team logo adorns the metallic handle. While it’s no Swiss Army knife, the Punisher is able to integrate two useful rescue tools on its backside. One enables you to break glass perfect for rescuing trapped individuals in their locked vehicles as well as buildings and structures. There’s even a seatbelt cutter to help free trapped motorists so rescue can be initiated. Of course, you’re not going to go around parading the Punisher in public as you’ll be using its integrated belt clip. With the Punisher and the SEAL Team logos in one single tool, you’re bound to be the talk of the town.

What We Like about It – The use of Tanto blade, known for combat blades, on the Punisher is quite exceptional. We guess this is designed specifically for those in the defense industry, although, anybody can just as easily use it.

TF-469 Gentleman’s Assisted Opening Folding Knife by TAC Force

If you love your kitchen knife, we guarantee you’ll love the TF-469 Gentleman’s Assisted Opening Folding Knife. From afar you’d think that it’s the paring knife that you lost a week ago in your kitchen. However, when the blade is folded into the cavity of the TF-469, then you’d realize that it’s actually one of the most elegant pocket knives you’ll ever see. Sure, it doesn’t have all the tools that will make you a MacGyver nor does it have all that fancy curves and attachments seen in other brands. The TF-469 is nonetheless, a beautiful blade you can put in your pocket or even your purse. Deploying the 3 inch straight edge black stainless steel blade is accomplished with just one hand as the TF-469 comes with a spring assisted mechanism. Locking it into place is also made super convenient as the liner comes with an ingenious lock solution. Personally, what we really love about the TF-469 is its 4 inch pakkawood handle. You can see the beautiful lines of the wood grain, giving it an elegance that you can never get from all-steel or even rubberized handles. Carrying it is made easy as a clip is already attached to the handle.

What We Like about It – Sexy and elegant. That’s how we can describe the TF-469. Its spring mechanism is also amazing.

Kershaw Cryo Knife by Kershaw

Small but terrible. This phrase is often taken to mean the tenacity of someone despite his or her small stature. The blade of the Kershaw Cryo Knife may be small but it cuts like a newly opened surgical scalpel. This is thanks in part to the premium 8Cr13MoV steel construction of its 2.75 inch blade that has been coated with titanium carbo-nitride. As we all know, titanium is one of the hardest metals on earth with a very high melting point. It’s used in various applications that require extreme temperatures. With such material coating the Cryo, there’s no doubt that this beautiful and curvaceous blade is going to be a magnet for fine blade enthusiasts. The Cryo can be carried in 4 different ways giving you absolute control over how you wish to keep the Cryo’s 3.75 inch titanium carbo-nitride coated handle. Deploying the miniscule yet mighty blade is assisted by a patented SpeedSafe mechanism which is activated by a purposeful push on the thumb stud. It’s also possible to deploy the blade by pulling back on the Cryo’s flipper. However you wish to deploy it, you can be sure your fingers stay connected to the rest of your hands. There’s also a frame lock which helps secure the blade while in use so it won’t accidentally fold into the chamber.

What We Like about It – With a super sleek design, a host of safety features, and titanium coated blade, the Kershaw Cryo is one magnificent tool that puts into perspective the belief that the best things in life come in small packages.

Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife by Victorinox

We have already shared with you the favorite tool of MacGyver. Obviously, if you are not really into a lot of action, you’ll definitely find no use for the impressive array of tools that the Victorinox Swiss Army knife has to offer. So, let’s try to tone the functionalities down a bit so you’ll be able to find use for them on a daily basis whether it’s for your home or in the office. The Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD provides the same guarantees that the brand is known for. The only difference is that you’ll get a shorter blade, about 1.25 inches to be exact. But don’t laugh at this really short and small blade as it is still very functional. Together with the blade is a nail file, tweezers, a screwdriver, scissors, and a key ring. They’ve even managed to squeeze in a toothpick so you’ll have no problems cleaning the spaces in between teeth when the resto you just dined in happens to run out of toothpicks. The Classic SD is also available in 35 different colors and designs so you’ll have plenty of options to include in your set of keys. With its very small size and very lightweight design at only three-quarters of an ounce, you won’t even know it’s in your pocket.

What We Like about It – With a lifetime guarantee provided by a name that’s synonymous with perfection, it’s no wonder close to 5,000 customers happily left their positive views about this Swiss product of perfection.

Key Shaped Folding Pocket Knife by Zjskin

If you’re looking for a truly inconspicuous knife, one that nobody else will think that you have a weapon in you, then the Zjskin Key Shaped Folding Pocket Knife is the answer. Just imagine the size of your average key at about 9.2 centimeters or roughly 3.6 inches from the key head to the key tip and you’ve got one of the smallest knives you’ll ever have. This is, of course, with the blade fully folded into the chamber. The stainless steel blade itself is only 3.7 centimeters long or roughly 1.45 inches, a hair shorter than the blade of the Victorinox Classic SD. While it may look so tiny, it nevertheless, can cut like any other blade tool. What’s amazing about the Zjskin is that the handle or chamber of the blade is actually designed like a real key. You can include this in your set of keys and no one will ever know you’ve got a beautiful Zjskin in there. Talk about cool.

What We Like about It – It’s cute and it’s lightweight. The best thing is that everyone will think it’s a key but you know very well that it’s not.

Squid Folding Pocket Knife by Columbia River Knife and Tool

With its blade fully deployed, you’d really think the CRKT Squid Folding Pocket Knife is like a squid that’s colored in shimmering steely silver. This is how most people look at this Columbia River Knife and Tool creation. It may be shaped like a squid but its functionalities are never fishy. Designed by well-known blades designer, Burnley Lucas, the CRKT Squid comes in a very compact frame but is oozing with features that put to shame even the features of more expensive brands have to offer. Friction grooves have been meticulously integrated on the drop point blade to give you a firm and secure grip on its 2Cr13 steel handle. Adding safety to its handling is a frame lock which secures the 2.25 inch 8Cr13MoV steel blade in place during use. Speaking of the blade, its drop point design allows for an excellent balance between point geometry and tip strength. You’d have to be careful where you’re pointing the Squid. Deploying the drop point blade is accomplished with the thumb stud. Burnley designed the Squid as a very serious tool for the serious blade-handler. Its design inspiration came from a compact pistol that may be diminutive in size but can deliver a killer blow. This is the perfect gadget for serious handymen: small yet packs a punch.

What We Like about It – The drop point blade designs is a perfect example of how balanced the Squid is from tip to tip. Too bad, it doesn’t have other tools otherwise, it could very well be great heir to the Victorinox.

Kershaw Leek Knife by Kershaw

We’ve presented the Kershaw Cryo and its sexy design. Now, if you want a pointier tip much more like a dagger, then the Kershaw Leek Knife is the answer. Aside from its super sharp needle-point, the Kershaw Leek is also different in the choice of its blade construction. Instead of the 8Cr13MoV steel seen in the Cryo, the Leek boasts of a 14C28N Sandvik steel that has been finished blasted with microbeads giving it a certain texture that is part of its allure. The handle is also different. Instead of a handle that’s coated in titanium carbo-nitride, the Leek’s handle comes as a 410 bead-blasted stainless steel. While the Leek’s blade is shorter by three quarters of an inch at only 3 inches it is the sharp pointed tip that is its primary weapon. At 3 ounces, it is heavy enough to provide excellent handling while lightweight enough to be carried conveniently whether you’re going to simply slip it inside your pocket or clip it in your belt or even pocket. And speaking of clips, the Leek has a reversible pocket clip which allows you to reposition it either at the tip or the side. Like the Squid, the Leek also features a drop point blade which gives it superb balance. However, the drop point style has been modified a bit to allow for accurate detailing work. For chefs and food designers, the Leek is a valuable asset. For the handyman, its pointed tip can really provide the versatility to work across a variety of projects.

What We Like about It – The Leek is excellent for everyday use. The modified drop point blade is also superb for more detailed cutting and slicing. Its clean and sleek look is well loved by more than 1,600 very satisfied knivesmen.

MTA882 Series Spring Assist Folding Knife by MTech USA

Looking more like a menacing shark when viewed from the side, the MTech USA MTA882 Series Spring Assist Folding Knife is one mean-looking pocket knife with wavy features that resemble the fins of a shark. The 2.75 inch stainless steel blade has an unusual hole in the upper portion, perfect for slotting lengthy items to be broken. Large serrations are also integrated on the top of the blade with an inward curved right next to the blade guard. This should be perfect for freeing people strapped onto their seatbelts. The handle is wrapped in black nylon fiber and completed with a Lanyard hole as well as a bottle opener. Never again will you have to use your teeth in opening your bottle of beer. Opening the MTech is achieved by activating the spring assisted mechanism which should take only one hand. A liner lock mechanism is also integrated in the chamber to help secure the stainless steel blade in place. With six different blade colors to choose from, you will certainly pick something out that best represents your personality.

What We Like about It – The MTech looks very rugged, very sporty. But with a few tools well-integrated into its design, the MTech should appeal more to yuppies.

Imperial IMP16S Stockman Folding Pocket Knife by Schrade

We already said that the Victorinox Swiss Army knife remain the undisputed king of pocket utility knives. But this doesn’t mean that others are light-years behind. Take for example Schrade that has managed to create a really stunning masterpiece in its Imperial IMP16S Stockman Folding Pocket Knife. The Schrade Imperial doesn’t only have a beautiful and razor sharp stainless steel blade from the 400 series, it has three of them. There’s the clip point blade made of 3Cr13MoV stainless steel as well as the spay blade and the sheepsfoot blade. The combination of 3 different steely edges provides excellent options whether you’re a master craftsman or an ordinary homeowner. On the spay blade are nail pulls giving you an additional functionality. The handle is finished in amazing grey swirl POM complete with bolsters that are also made from premium grade stainless steel. The back springs are ingeniously heat treated to give durability and strength while the brass pins help secure all the different components together. At just 1.9 ounces, the Schrade Imperial is super convenient to hold. The blades are perfectly positioned to give it a balanced feel on the hands. Unfortunately, while the 3 blades are a rarity, potential users are quite baffled as to what to do with three knives in one.

What We Like about It – The Schrade Imperial is lightweight making it easy on the hands. The inclusion of three blades is also noteworthy although, you’d have to find use for each edge.

Tac-Force Red Cross Folding Blade Pocket Knife by Get

For individuals who are fans of Arthurian legends or the Crusades, maybe you’d like to have the Tac-Force Red Cross Folding Blade Pocket Knife. Designed to be like the broadswords used in the medieval period (we were actually reminded of the Excalibur sword), the Tac-Force Red Cross is a stunning piece of metal work that consists of a spring assisted mechanism that launches its 4 inch long stainless steel blade straight out and fully adorned with a blood groove running along its center. While the TacForce Red Cross is not double-edged, it is highly possible to sharpen the blunt edge to give it a more stunning, albeit deadlier, look. Doing so will give the Tac-Force a more realistic representation of medieval swords, nonetheless. The handle is made of silver aluminum and adorned with a red cross overlay made of stainless steel. Looking at all the red crosses that embellish the handle and the crossguard of the Tac-Force, we’re reminded of the Crusades with the cross as a major symbol of Christian armies. Now, you’re not only getting a cutting tool, you’ve got a piece of history as well.

What We Like about It – The unique design of the Tac-Force Red Cross is truly amazing. It’s like a miniature medieval sword.

0371BRS Stockman 3 Blade Pocket Knife with Woodgrain Handle by Buck Knives

If you think the Schrade Imperial looks stunning, you’d agree with us that the Buck Knives 0371BRS Stockman 3 Blade Pocket Knife is more elegant simply because of its woodgrain handle. Technically, the Buck Knives is similar to the Schrade except for its wooden handle and completed with bolsters made of nickel silver. It also has the same 3-blade system as the Schrade Imperial making it a good multipurpose knife for daily carry.

What We Like about It – The woodgrain handle is something worth having in a pocket knife. There’s just a different feel to wood compared to other materials.

Old Timer 8OT Senior Pocket Knife by Schrade

Just like the Schrade Imperial, the Schrade Old Timer 8OT Senior Pocket Knife comes with the same 3-blade design complete with heat-treated back springs. The only difference is the use of an old timer sawcut for its handle. It’s got the same spey, clip point, and sheepsfoot 3 inch long blades.

What We Like about It – The 3 blade design remains noteworthy as it gives versatility in its use.

The Original Rifle Shaped AK47 Style Steel Pocket Knife by EverydayGear 

Designed like the rifle stock of the most famous and most versatile assault rifle of all time, the AK-47, the EverydayGear Original Rifle Shaped AK47 Style Steel Pocket Knife may look like a novelty item but it is a very useful tool. Instead of the usual hardware tools seen in other pocket knives, however, the EverydayGear comes with a LED flashlight that has already been integrated into the rifle stock. The 2.5 inch long solid steel blade easily folds under the stock that is, just like the AK47, made of quality wood. There’s a safety lock mechanism to prevent accidental deployments of the folded edge. It even managed to incorporate a trigger guard which can also double as a superb anchor point for your finger while holding the pocket knife.

What We Like about It – With a design that is patterned after the AK-47, this one’s sure to appeal to rifle enthusiasts.

How We Chose the Pocket Knives in Our List

Like the utensil that we use in our kitchen, pocket knives must be able to perform its primary purpose exceptionally well. This means, it must be able to cut or slice; otherwise, it wouldn’t be called as such. This is also the main focus of our search. While we agree that pocket knives can come in various shapes, forms, and built-in features, they must be able to cut or slice through things with ease. Part of the cutting ability of these bladed tools is the material upon which the blade is made of. It is imperative that it is of the highest possible quality so that it can withstand the rigors of outdoor utilization. We believe that these gadgets are designed specifically for cutting or slicing through objects other than those we find in our kitchens. Be it in the great outdoors or your workhouse, these should provide you with the strength and durability of the blade to cut through non-food items.

All sharp objects can be considered safety risks. And this includes knives. As such, we had to carefully consider the safety features that have been built into these tools to make sure you’re not going to accidentally cut or injure yourself while using it. The way in which the handle is designed can also play an important factor in knife safety. So, we considered this, too.

Obviously, since the most famous of all pocket knives is the venerable Swiss Army knife, it was important for us to look at the different features that can be utilized for a variety of purposes. If a feature doesn’t serve a particular useful purpose, then the item was scrapped from our list.

Other factors that we considered included the reputation of the knife-maker as reflected in the number of positive feedbacks and a minimum of 4 star rating in product reviews. We believed this will give you the peace of mind that you need in ascertaining the quality and “coolness” of these pocket knives.

Tips to Choosing the Right Pocket Knife

While we just shared with you how we chose the pocket knives in this list, you may want to perform your very own search. Here are some tips to choosing the right pocket knife for you.

  • Consider what you really need.It is very important to understand that knives are toolsthat you use for a specific purpose. This is also dependent on where  you’re going to use it. Will it be for everyday carry or just on special activities like camping or hiking? These questions may look so easy to answer to you but they provide the most crucial information on the kind of tool you need to choose.
  • Learn the different shapes of knife blades.Understand that the shape of the edge of your knife will determine how it is supposed to be used. For example, drop point blades are excellent for general knife work as well as heavy tasks while a tanto blade is great for piercing, prying, and scraping.
  • Determine the material you want for the handle. The handle should never be taken too lightly as this is where your hand is in contact with your pocket knife. You can choose wood for its elegance, plastic for affordability, rubber for excellent grip, or aluminum or stainless steel for durability. Obviously, each one has its downsides as well, so, you’ll need to study your options carefully.
  • Look at features you really need. Some of the more common features that pocket knives have include frame locks, one-handed opening mechanisms, and assisted opening systems. Also, you may need to decide if you want a multi-tool, a camp tool, or none.

The Bottom Line

Every man deserves to have the right kind of tool in his possession at all times. These 14 cool pocket knives in 2019 are guaranteed to elevate your creativity and resourcefulness.


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