15 Cool Shower Curtains in 2019

15 Cool Shower Curtains in 2019

15 Cool Shower Curtains in 2019

Shower curtains are very important accessories for any bathroom. Just imagine the water damage that would occur to your bathroom tiles and other surfaces if excess water from the shower is not channeled towards the drain. Flooding can occur if shower water is not properly blocked and channeled. However, since shower curtains are mostly considered as decorative pieces, we’re sharing with you 15 cool shower curtains in 2019 to add both decorative and functional purpose to your bathroom.

15 Really Cool Shower Curtains

Thistle Fabric Shower Curtain by InterDesign

Floral themes are some of the most common designs of these bathroom accessories. These provide a very natural and lovely look on any restroom. Such is the case of the Thistle Fabric by InterDesign. With close to 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon, it currently holds the record of being a bestseller in this particular category. However, it should be noted that the InterDesign Thistle Fabric is mainly for decorative purposes only and should be used with a liner; although we found some reviewers who said that it can actually serve as a standalone bath screen. If you are not a heavy splasher, then a liner may not actually be needed at all. Available in 10 different color combinations, the Thistle is a great option for homeowners who have floral themes in the rest of their house or at least in their bathrooms. Cleaning and maintenance are also not a problem since the whole fabric can be tossed right into your washing machine. You need not worry about its metal grommets as these are designed to be highly resistant to rust. The top header is also adequately reinforced to provide optimum durability of the entire unit. Taking a splash is also comfortable as the fabric itself is soft to the touch. It surely won’t be irritating your skin should you come into contact with it.

What We Like about It – The soft fabric is a welcome feature while its ease of care is superb. And with that many people saying good things about the Thistle, we’re bound to agree.

Lucia Shower Curtain by Lush Décor

Looking at the Lush Décor Lucia, we’re reminded of wedding gowns and other sophisticated dresses primarily for the presence of the ribbons that give it a luxurious ruffled appearance. The Lucia is available in white, ivory, purple, and blue, all colors that speak of elegance and style while also commanding admiration from those who view them. Because of its rather intricate design and very elaborate ribbon work, the Lucia should never be popped into a washing machine. The only way you can clean it is by having it dry cleaned. Nevertheless, the Lucia should clearly elevate the aesthetics of your bathroom. However, it does tend to limit your interior design flexibility because of its ruffled appearance and single color design. The ribbons provide a certain texture that works best with plain-finished walls, not tiles. Otherwise, the lines made by the tiles will create chaos in the random and irregular lines created by the ribbons. It may be tricky, but using the Lucia is a very elegant and stylish option.

What We Like about It – The elegant look is amazing. The ribbons and its unicolor styling should prove invaluable for people who prefer simple yet elegant designs.

Chevron Shower Curtain by InterDesign

There are people who just love geometric shapes. From pieces of furniture to home decors and even wall art, geometric shapes provide a different kind of element to a house or any building to help draw the eye to where the owner wants to highlight. InterDesign’s Chevron, while not as popular as the Thistle variant, is a smartly designed, fun, and trendy screen for the bath intended primarily for homeowners who already have a variety of geometric shapes-inspired home interior design. Its sharp zigzag lines drawn horizontally can make for an interesting contrast to a plain wall or those adorned with circular patterns; although one line comes in a different color to serve as an accent and provide a break from the monotony of the zigzag patterns. Unfortunately, like the Thistle, this InterDesign creation is not really recommended as a standalone screen for your daily bath. While its polyester construction can offer a certain degree of protection against splashes, a liner is highly recommended. Perhaps it’s more of a marketing ploy so customers will be buying two products instead of just one. Who knows? Nevertheless, the soft feel of the Chevron makes it quite lovely to touch. It’s very easy to clean, too. Unlike the Lucia that needs some professional dry cleaning, the Chevron, like all InterDesign products, can be thrown into your washing machine and it will be clean in no time.

What We Like about It – It’s fun and trendy. The button holes have been reinforced as well giving it great sturdiness.

Sinatra Silver Shower Curtain by Popular Bath

Everyone knows Frank Sinatra, the golden boy of the Rat Pack. Everyone knows that he made Las Vegas his empire and whenever Las Vegas is brought to the fore, the image that we picture in our minds is one of glitter, fame, and glamor. Of course, there’s always a darker side to this oasis in the Nevada desert. But the whole point is that whenever you’re talking about glittering, shiny things, opulence, wealth, and fame are almost always likely to follow. Such is the impact of the Sinatra Silver Shower Curtain by Popular Bath. It’s one of the unique shower curtains that we have in the shortlist primarily because of the bands of glittering silver sequins that adorn the metallic silver fabric made of 100 percent premium quality polyester. The sequins make for an excellent ornament to an otherwise drab and dull bathroom. The choice of silver color for its polyester fabric foundation is exceptionally remarkable as the sheen from the individual sequins reflect the light from the room itself. It’s like having a sea of stars right inside your bath. Because of the presence of sequins, care should be observed when washing it. However, unlike the Lucia, you don’t need to have the Sinatra dry cleaned. It can still be machine washed except that it should be run on cold and cycled on gentle. You are also not supposed to toss it in your dryer as it is better to hang dry. Additionally, like InterDesign products, it is recommended that a separate liner be used in conjunction with the Sinatra. Now, you can bring the limelight of Las Vegas right in your bathroom.

What We Like about It – The Sinatra is like having the great performer in your home. With glitter and glam, your bath will surely be an elegant part of any house.

Ombre Waffle Weave Shower Curtain by Creative Home Ideas

If you’re a fan of gradients or shadow-like effects, the Ombre Waffle Weave should provide you with a wonderful opportunity to bring an entirely different vibe to your bathroom. With heavier tones at the base or bottom, gradually decreasing in hue as you go up the entire height of the Ombre Waffle Weave, this Creative Home Ideas creation might very well be one of the cute shower curtains you’ll see. Available in a variety of colors, 8 to be exact, you can color coordinate your bath screen with the principal color or theme of your bathroom. You can go complementary or even contrasting. Everything depends on your preferences. And because the Ombre Waffle Weave is technically plain fabric made of only the finest imported polyester, this should offer you impressive versatility in your restroom interior designing. The 12 ring holes have also been duly reinforced to help secure the whole system. Understand that the Ombre Waffle Weave, while chic and fashionable, will still require a PEVA or even vinyl liner to help prevent the splash of water onto your floor.

What We Like about It – The Ombre Waffle Weave has a very unique name for an otherwise simple yet effective design.

Fabric Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner by InterDesign

The best shower curtains should really have a waterproof membrane or layer so that it will keep the water off your floor and the rest of the bathroom. Unfortunately, for aesthetic reasons, many companies prefer not to go this route of integrating a liner and a curtain into one cohesive unit. That’s why, in most instances, what you’ll most likely get is a set of both the curtain and the liner. Some would require you to purchase independently but almost always within the same line of brand. This should offer you an excellent opportunity to try out as many possible combinations you can that will bring out the best in your restroom or bath. In this list we’ve already covered a number of InterDesign products. And as you may have already noticed, most of them require getting a separate liner. The InterDesign Fabric Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner is the answer. This product is also made of 100 percent polyester but has been dutifully treated to render it as water repellant and mold and mildew free as possible. The fantastic news about the InterDesign Fabric Waterproof is that it has a certain degree of elegance to it that it can actually serve as a standalone bath screen. And, here’s the proof: more than 1,500 very happy, very satisfied customers actually give it no less than 4 stars on average. Available in 8 different colors, you can now have the option to use it as is or in combination with a standard bath screen.

What We Like about It – It’s really waterproof. Best part of it all is that the InterDesign Fabric Waterproof is free from mold and mildew development so you can feel safer for the health of everyone who’s ever going to go under the shower head.

Leaves Soft Fabric Shower Curtain by InterDesign

For nature lovers, having beautifully printed leaves on stems would provide a great and remarkable addition to the aesthetic beauty of your bathroom. The InterDesign Leaves Soft Fabric, just like the other InterDesign products, features a very soft fabric material that is really gentle to the touch. But get this. The InterDesign Leaves actually has a feature that others don’t have. The fabric has been designed to be quick-drying so it helps prevent the growth and proliferation of harmful microorganisms particularly mold and mildew. At any rate, this gives you the peace of mind that your health as well as that of every member of your family is adequately protected. Because of its rather softer quality material, there’s also a very specific requirement when it comes to its maintenance. You cannot simply toss it in your washing machine expecting it to come out clean. Well, technically, you can. However, it should always be washed cold and then tumble dried in the lowest possible setting. This helps protect its integrity so you’ll be using it for many more years.

What We Like about It – The design of the Leaves may be overly simplistic but it’s the unusual softness of the fabric material that has drawn rave reviews from almost 1,400 customers. It is almost similar in status to the InterDesign Thistle except that this one’s softer and has quick drying properties. This actually indicates that it can be used as a standalone shower curtain.

Shower Curtain Collection by Ambesonne

Need bathroom shower curtains that are more like oversized wall art than they are screens to protect splashes from flooding your restroom or bath? Well, the Ambesonne Shower Curtain Collection is a superb assemblage of 38 different colorful, unique, classy, artsy, and truly marvelous works of art that have been boldly and graphically printed onto a premium grade polyester fabric material without the use of any dye. There are no borders or any other embellishments. It’s more like having a wonderful picture or image blown into one huge size and then used as a screen in your bath. This is one of the best shower curtains you’ll ever get especially if you’re the kind of person who likes visual art, paintings, pictures, images, and other forms of visual masterpieces. One additional advantage of the Ambesonne is that it can serve as a standalone shutter from water. You don’t even need a separate liner for this as the Ambesonne has been designed to be 100 percent waterproof while also offering superb resistance against soap and chemical stains and the development or growth or mold and mildew. It is so amazing that the health and safety implications are simply remarkable. Cleaning is never a problem as well as the Ambesonne can be easily managed with a simple turn at the washing machine. But, here’s the catch. Because of its large bold prints, it may not be ideal for bathrooms that are already filled with a lot of stuff; unless you can coordinate the choice of the design to the existing theme in your bathroom.

What We Like about It – The prints are humongous. It’s like having a very beautiful mural in your shower.

Cobblestone Waterproof and No More Mildew Shower Curtain Liner by Eforcurtain

If you’re looking for a more subtle design than the one provided by Ambesonne, maybe you would like to consider the Eforcurtain Cobblestone Waterproof and No More Mildew Shower Curtain Liner.  The design is not as bold and loud as the ones provided by Ambesonne, basically consisting only of soft pebble prints in different shades and hues. What you get is an appearance of rough texture. Here’s where it gets more interesting. Depending on your choice of the background fabric whether it is clear, transparent, or frosted, you will get different effects although the design is pretty much the same. Like the Ambesonne, the Eforcurtain Cobblestone can also serve as either a standalone shower curtain or as a wonderful liner for other models as it has a very unique PVC construction, giving it excellent waterproofing. And since water simply glides off the surface of the Eforcurtain Cobblestone, it dries up quickly such that mold and mildew will not have time to clump and proliferate. The use of PVC as a material, while there may be concerns about its safety, makes cleaning a breeze. You don’t need to wash it or even dry clean it anymore. Just get a damp cloth and wipe its surface and you’re basically done. It’s a no-fuss way of keeping the Eforcurtain Cobblestone clean.

What We Like about It – It can be used either as a shower curtain or a liner for other brands or designs. It’s super easy to clean, too.

Cascade Shabby Chic Ruffled Sheer Shower Curtain by Home Bargains Plus

If you think the Lucia looks very luxurious because of its ribbon trimmings, wait until you see the Cascade shabby Chic Ruffled Sheer Shower Curtain. From afar, it’s more like the dress of a fairy princess. Technically, its design is a blast from the past as the shower curtain sets of the last century were designed with dutifully positioned ruffles on a choice fabric. The visual texture the Cascade creates should be stunning to look at especially if you have a bathroom that is designed to be more of the classic style rather than the minimalist modern styling. The Cascade is also available in white, sea, moss, spice, and ivory colors to match the prevailing theme of your bathroom. The Cascade is made from imported 100 percent polyester voile giving it softness and smoothness that is more like lace. This gives the Cascade a very exotic, very sensual look, which is typically what you would expect from a Victorian Era-inspired bath accessory.

What We Like about It – The ruffled appearance of the Cascade is simply amazing. It’s like bringing you back to a time where lavish interiors were defined by the wavy features of these fabric items.

Paisley Shower Curtain by Welwo

One of the most unique shower curtain sets we’ve seen is the Welwo Paisley which already comes with storage bag and shower curtain rings and hooks. Of course, Welwo did not include a rod with which to hang the whole piece. But if they did, we’re pretty sure it will be selling more than hotcakes. The Welwo Paisley has a beautifully intricate Batik artwork that is quite famous in Indonesia as well as other Southeast Asian countries. Come to think of it, certain cultures in Africa are also known to favor such art. Regardless of its origins, the intricate art patterns should be a great aesthetic addition to any bathroom. Not only is the Welwo Paisley aesthetically beautiful, it is also functionally wonderful. The fabric is designed to be fully waterproof and water repellent so it naturally drives away water splashes so these drips down the floor surface of the bathtub or shower room. Because water particles glide off the surface, the Paisley easily dries up preventing the formation of mold and mildew colonies. Welwo says that the Paisley also has antibacterial properties, although we are doubtful as to the credibility of this claim. Nevertheless, the metal grommets are fully protected from corrosion so you’ll get longer life for your Paisley.

What We Like about It – The Paisley can stand alone as a shower curtain or it can also be used as a liner for other models or brands. While we doubt its antibacterial properties, we have no doubt about its mold and mildew resistance.

New Upgrade 3D Vivid Waterfall Pattern Shower Curtain by Beddinginn

Since water is the main element in any bathroom, don’t you think your bathroom shower curtains should be watery, too? Well, at least in print, of course. This is why we think the New Upgrade 3D Vivid Waterfall Pattern Shower Curtain is a very unique way to provide you with the privacy you need while taking a shower while also adding a very refreshing, more natural feel to your restroom. With a stunning and super-realistic image of a mini waterfall cascading between rows upon rows of primal virgin forest trees, shaded from the glaring and scorching heat of the sun, you’ll have the most primeval beauty right in your bathroom. The print is done in 3D to give you stunning realism. The Beddinginn 3D Vivid Waterfall is not only stunning, it’s also waterproof and highly durable. The Dacron polyester material is known for its use in the sails of sailboats so you can be sure of its durability and excellent waterproofing. However, don’t make the mistake of popping it in your washing machine. It should always be handwashed.

What We Like about It – A stunning 3D design and superb durable construction are what makes the Beddinginn an exceptional product to have.

MP70-1483 Spa Waffle Shower Curtain by Madison Park

For homeowners who don’t require fancy accessories, the Madison Park MP70-1483 Spa Waffle is a great option. Made with high grade polyester, the Spa Waffle comes in taupe, grey, and aqua thick and thin bands on an off-white background. The horizontal bands can be an excellent complement to any bathroom that may have bricks or tiles for its walls. What’s fantastic about the Spa Waffle is its 3M water repellent treatment which guarantees longer lifespan for your shower curtain while also giving it a brand new look every time you go for a bath. It’s also machine washable so cleaning is not an issue.

What We Like about It – A simple design can sometimes work a lot better than elaborate ones. The Madison Park Spa Waffle clearly illustrates that.

Colorful Tree of Life Shower Curtain by Comroll

Designed like one fantastic mural, the ComrollColorful Tree of Life looks more like the crayon art of a grade schooler that has been enlarged to drape your bathroom’s shower area. Made of a wrinkle-free polyester material, the colors on the Comroll will never fade and will never affect the environment. It’s one of the most popular shower curtains among new releases. It’s also exceptionally smooth so taking a shower should be delightfully pleasant. The metal rings have been plated in nickel to give it excellent corrosion resistance while affording it durability that you won’t be able to see anywhere else. Perhaps what is really amazing about the Tree of Life is that it can really be a fantastic wall décor, except that the space behind it is actually your shower area.

What We Like about It – The mural-like artwork is exceptional. We think it’s excellent for homes with more fun motifs.

Anzu Shower Curtain by InterDesign 

There’s something about bamboo that make it a very significant design element in any home. Whether as a potted ornament or as a printed design or wall art, the sleek and slender lines of the trunk and its needlelike leaves are always very interesting to look at. The Anzu is InterDesign’s answer to the need for a bamboo décor in your bathroom. Just like the other InterDesign products in this list, the Anzu is machine washable but should always be used with a separate liner. The rust-proof metal grommets are already a standard with all InterDesign products.

What We Like about It – It may not have the numbers of rave reviews of the Thistle yet but the Anzu is surely on its way there.

How We Chose the Cool Shower Curtains in Our List

Choosing a cool shower curtain is not really easy. It’s like trying to pick a dress from a warehouse full of your favorite dresses. You may think you have chosen the right one and then you see something else. We knew we needed help. This is where product ratings come in. We’re pretty sure this is what you do as well especially if you cannot decide on a product to take simply because there’s a lot of really good ones to choose from. The “opinions” of others, how they look at the product, and their experiences with the product that you are also interested in, are things you would want to know. That’s the same thing with us. So, to be included in our list, a product had to have at least a 4 star product rating. The more positive the reviews are, the better.

The best shower curtains have to be easy to clean and maintain as these come in contact with water all the time which can potentially leave stains on the fabric material depending on the hardness of the water. The different components of these bathroom accessories were also considered and each one was evaluated for its design integrity, quality, and craftsmanship.

Tips to Choosing a Shower Curtain

It’s not really difficult to pick a shower curtain that’s right for your bathroom. Unfortunately, there are some folks who may be too frazzled by the sheer number of design and style options that, in the end, they eventually get something that is definitely not suitable for their shower. Here are a few tips on how to choose shower curtains for your home.

  • Understand the design or theme of your bathroom. 

Any endeavor starts with an understanding of the background of the issue at hand. The same is true in choosing a curtain for your shower. It is imperative to look at the overall design of your bathroom and determine the most outstanding feature or theme. Use this as your guide in the selection of an appropriate material for your shower curtain.

  • Know what different fabrics provide you.

Different fabric materials have different pros and cons. For instance, cotton is very easy to wash although it tends to absorb moisture very easily. Vinyl is essentially for the busy person who doesn’t have the time for curtain maintenance. The same is true with polyester and nylon. Other notable fabrics used in shower curtains include organic and microfiber materials.

  • Determine whether you need aesthetics or functionality.

Obviously, your choice of a shower curtain will reflect your primary preference, whether you’re after the form or the function. If aesthetics is more important, then choose a decorative curtain. If functionality is more important, then waterproofing and mildew resistance are a must. If you want both, then choose one that provides both qualities.

The Bottom Line

Shower curtains are important accessories to any modestly-sized bathroom as it helps prevent flooding and help channel water towards the drain. It can serve as a decorative piece as well. With the 15 cool shower curtains, you can do both.


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